Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I don't think the novelty of a polka-ed dress, or for that matter, even a polka-ed curtain could ever wear off. Like my wee ol' grandma would go "get me anything floral or polka" whenever I'd ask her what sort of clothing she'd like. And my opinion could most certainly be affected by the obvious fact that I, too, am a sucker for a bit of a polka fest here and there so yes, YES to dots! Winter's slowly breezing in and lately my shoe uniform has consisted of these boots which were procured way back during the summer which, I kind of thought was absurd at the time but then, really not when it's the right kind of sturdy and it would be preferable if I did not start on the other countless reasons why I'm crazy about them cause that would just go on and on..

The right sturdy?? In CAPS?? Really?? Haha
Until then, have a good night Kids!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


As the saying goes in the IG community, these pictures would either be a 'latergram' or 'throwback' would be more appropriate as depicted by the certain hair length - taken on the 9th of January 2012 to be exact. I can't seem to recall why these never got here and looking at the pictures, I'm wondering where that Justin Bieber tee is - though the skirt is neatly folded in my closet and still worn from time to time. Today, I'm going a-trotting to the salon to color my hair. An ash-y, grey-y color. Lets see how that will turn out.
Until then.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Garden Party

For once I came up with the title for this post easy-peasy, YES! "Garden Party" seemed apt because this skirt and teeny top could definitely have been retrieved from a garden and the all too obvious giant 'Daisy' replacing my head and face for today. My eyes were somewhat too dead while poses were being struck but, I have to say, it really is doing a good job there - looming about all big and wide. I wonder if the word 'pretty' is a good enough adjective to add to the description .. I guess not. At least to me. So allow me to start unravelling on how I got to acquire the material out of which came this two-piece suit. My cousin took a trip here and we went out and about scouring material in this rather mucky place I'd rather not disclose and I did a squeal here and there and got quite a big heap. Roll after rolls. Quite literally. Made a bedsheet from it and I get very happy and light-headed knowing I'm dreaming dreams on this beautiful print. I fell in love with it mostly because of the print which has a dozen listings of frail looking, beautiful plants by their scientific botanical name. And I'm framing a small piece too. I'm not too sure what the next outcome will be from the remaining heap but I will definitely make a post on it when I do. Until then.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Quick update here. Oh hello. 
Flowerbombing it with this top yet again.
One of the few things I picked up during my short rain-spelled holiday.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Inspiration Tray

                                                                   image source herehere and here
Been too long since one o' these posts.
Was a darn good pretty slew eh?
Some images new, some that have been decaying in my hard drive..
I'm still terrified of wearing white colored items, not that I'm opposed to the color (white walls any day) - so hopefully the last two images will give me that much needed final resolve to wear white SOME DAY! And I really can't recall all the image sources but if I have your image somewhere here please feel free to shoot an email and will give due credit. Thank you.

Have a good night Kids.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

 Hello again.
I've managed a decent outfit post in such a long time it almost feels 'not normal'.
Dug up this old skirt - I sort of wanted to feel what it was like to wear a skirt again - because I haven't ventured out in this particular length in such a long time I felt like I'd forgotten what it was like to swish around in these. And finally got Fjallraven's Kanken Mini in black so super crazy excited about it, it's all I carry around these days. I think I need to get the Classic ones too - never mind the hefty price tag. Who's with me? Anyone? 

Until the next post, have a good night!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013

Hello blog, people and the alien community too if, there are any out there.
I am back home in the hills for a short holiday and it is *expletive* amazing here.
First and foremost, I would like to thank and acknowledge the kind people over at Cosmopolitan India and their readers for nominating this blog for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013 - to nail it down, it's for the Personal Style Category Section so YAY! And moments like this can get you all contemplative and rather giddy because I don't believe anyone starts a blog to get famous but the little recognition and response or the kind readers that this wee old blog of mine has garnered over the years can be pretty overwhelming. People are so nice. THANK YOU.

The mere mention of my blog from people and by people, I mean strangers and even friends and family literally is mortifying for me. Here's what usually happens.

Stranger: OH, I went through your blog, it's really nice.

Me: My blog? I don't have a blog. It must be someone else's.
Stranger: You have a blog right? You're Esther and *trails off*.....

Me: No, no... that's not me. No, sorry.

It's almost four years now since I started this blog and as I grow older, the most significant change fashion-wise would be how extremely FUSSY I have become with regard to the clothes I like. It's almost annoying because It's not easy to come home empty-handed when your prior intent was to get a few staple T-Shirts but on the other hand, it is extremely liberating to be completely sure of what you like and don't - it makes me feel really mature because I still feel like a kid - y'know, like the kid who wants a unicorn and goes crazy at your local kids stores. I'm deviating so before I take your leave, you can vote for my blog here and below are a few pictures from my Instagram Diary for a little visual update. And come follow me there @lalaifanai.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gee, look who's been neglecting the blogosphere again. 
And here we go.. again, with my incessant attempt to rationalize or justify my absence - I haven't quite started yet so I am not even going to, for once today. Let's just say I decided to hop on a giant air balloon towards the Atlantic Ocean, descended head first into said ocean and spent time with my giant octopus friend who I named Rotzko and wouldn't let me leave until now. So THERE!

And oh let's just add that I got myself this canvas shoe on me way back yeah? For a little credibility? Rotzko swooped it up for me with one of his large tentacles. Big swipe it was. Its the second official leopard buy. Let's hope the first official buy will have a chance to show itself here on the blog soon. I believe I've mentioned I'm not really a leopard print person - it's just ghastly to look at but then I've had little moments where I've gone - 'oh yeah..like that, with that, its not so bad' so when I spotted this spotty number I had to give in and ultimately came home with them. Plus there wasn't exactly any other shoe that I wanted and even if I do I have no patience for online purchasing at the moment. Well, no regrets so far. So this little leopard number is here to stay and the perfect stepping stone towards the suckfest that is summer. Excuse my rather harsh sentiment in referring to summer as 'suckfest' because that is the perfect two syllable word to describe the summers here in the capital.

Till then.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Margot Tenenbaum. Episode 2.
By catching up on the blog I meant REALLY catch up, specially the whole Margot series.
And this particular outfit was a lot of fun cause I got to wear my beloved super long coat finally on the blog. OH OH OH I have to share this little anecdote while we're on the coat.

Me: *whilst shuffling through a multitude of coats all extra large and trying on a dozen a  
       in between*      

Friend: Uhh, Esther, why do you want to look like a detective?

And after she said that, I really felt like saying - "Oh, you mean really Sherlock Holmes-y?" Which I didn't though cause I remained baffled and slightly amused at the question that procuring a coat two to three sizes too big would generate the idea that one was trying to look like a detective. I guess that mostly happens when you belong to 'the little people' category HAHA. Anyhoo, so Margot would probably wear this number to one of those extravagant soirees with her Dad maybe and her signature stunned/unaffected look. We have a little problem though because my hair has gotten a little too long and not pin-straight enough so apologies on that front. 

Please note:
1. I would straight up wear this too and wouldn't really care if some stranger on the road  
    took me for a little detective impostor yeah?
2. I doubt Margot would pose like this for a picture (please refer to third picture)
3. I intend to grow my hair again so when we do run out of time for this series maybe I'll 
    start another series on Suzy Bishop of Moonrise Kingdom fame.
4. Point No.3 just turned out to sound a little crazy considering how short my hair still is.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Greetings earthlings.
So tell me, what did I miss? Speaking of miss, I know MY mid-section is missing. Uhh it got lost in our oh-so-wide whirlpool of a web so I'm leaving now to retrieve it and will be back in a jiffy. I kid. For the life of me I don't have a thing to say or an excuse even - with regard to the frequent absence here on the blog except YES I HAVE BEEN MEANING to post an entry but it all just boils down to procrastinating about it and zilch! Nothing. Not that it has anything to do with no inspiration, fashion wise. And while we're on that -  to sort of push the fact that the subject mentioned is totally relevant I have developed a certain preference for the color black. Black? Me? Who knew. Let's see what other shenanigans this new year will bring for me and all of you.

And as late as it may be with the holidays behind us, (and me trying to catch up with everything here on the blog) this was our tree *dismembered only just yesterday* that Mum and I had put up *with Daddybear giving a nod here and there while we were at it* and pretty nostalgic about it cause it's a new tree in a new house that we've made our home over only a short period of time. Christmas was different this time, away from the hills and pretty much spent most of it missing our old tree stacked away somewhere in the dark.

Happy 2013.
Have a good day kids!