Monday, July 25, 2011

A gazillion apologies. I totally went off the radar. Blame it on my summer vacation, one too many trips to the local resorts, not to mention erratic connections and jamming to PUMPED UP KICKS. Definite summer jam. AND YES apologizing mainly for delaying my giveaway winner WHO ARE L1L2.. You guys, yes the two of you, didn't leave your email address so please gimme your emailies and CONGRATULATIONS :)... "the which one would you pick" line really nailed it because well, I do that a lot with my own friends and yeah "phoren stuff" gave me tummy jiggles. AND THANK YOU to everyone who participated, I had a lot of fun reading them and it was bloody hard I tell you. Oh well, there's always next time yeah? :)

I'VE BEEN LIVING IN MY BIEBER TEE. And no, this is not a stab at Justin. I'm just wearing a tee with him on it.
This is one epic track.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

That's my happy-pucker face right there. A bit too much but that white thing dangling from my left arm is my latest bad-ass arm candy. Because it is NOT black or brown or even nude or peach but believe you me, if my stream of consciousness had a color, it definitely runs in PEACH. I literally went star gazing to find this bag because it was nestled above this hive of a dozen other said colored bags (black,brown,red..) ..What does it remind you of?? Any guesses? ANYhoo, I had a lot of fun going through the answers for my giveaway, it's gonna be a tough one. Keep yerr' fingers crossed :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


SO you can see I'm screaming GIVEAWAY up there because this is my first giveaway and I am so excited because I've never had one on this blog which sometimes makes me feel a bit guilty and inadequate so ANYWAY the blogging business is a-booming and which therefore has resulted in this awesome publication. LO and BEHOLD..
I just received my complimentary copy in the mail and I've been turning the pages non-stop. It's a neat compilation of what any fashion enthusiast could hope for with informative images on the difference between a demi wedge and a cork wedge shoe plus your favorite bloggers. And OH got featured as well which is pretty cool and which I'm so grateful for. I am not gonna be all modest but seeing your name on print, like in a real book, a real one, among so many other bloggers you look up to was epic.  YEAH. The publishers have been gracious enough to collaborate with me in sponsoring this entire giveaway which is the book of course so the question is, DO YOU WANT IT?
Here's a little more than a peak.
A Foreword by Jane Aldridge of Seaofshoes.

Susie Bubble of Stylebubble.
Rebecca of Theclotheshorse.
Wouldn't be complete without Tavi of course.

Arushi flanked by Jane and Tavi :)
All you have to do is comment on this post and tell me, suppose, you did win this giveaway, what would be your reaction when got the book, held it in your hands and gave it a creepy stroke maybe? I'll try and pick the best answer because this is my giveaway and I rule plus you don't have to follow norms like you have to follow this blog as a rule to enter the giveaway blahblah, we wouldn't want to impose SO, easy-peasy right? I'll choose the winner next week. Good Luck!
AND if you don't like giveaways, but want to purchase the book, go HERE.

Thank You so much again to Sabrina Yeung and the editors over at Weldon Owen.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Me: Ooooo I can do leopard after all!
Me: Oooo.. oooo I think it looks good.
Me: Gaah, I'm sure it looks good so I'm gonna tug at my hair now.