Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Margot Tenenbaum. Episode 2.
By catching up on the blog I meant REALLY catch up, specially the whole Margot series.
And this particular outfit was a lot of fun cause I got to wear my beloved super long coat finally on the blog. OH OH OH I have to share this little anecdote while we're on the coat.

Me: *whilst shuffling through a multitude of coats all extra large and trying on a dozen a  
       in between*      

Friend: Uhh, Esther, why do you want to look like a detective?

And after she said that, I really felt like saying - "Oh, you mean really Sherlock Holmes-y?" Which I didn't though cause I remained baffled and slightly amused at the question that procuring a coat two to three sizes too big would generate the idea that one was trying to look like a detective. I guess that mostly happens when you belong to 'the little people' category HAHA. Anyhoo, so Margot would probably wear this number to one of those extravagant soirees with her Dad maybe and her signature stunned/unaffected look. We have a little problem though because my hair has gotten a little too long and not pin-straight enough so apologies on that front. 

Please note:
1. I would straight up wear this too and wouldn't really care if some stranger on the road  
    took me for a little detective impostor yeah?
2. I doubt Margot would pose like this for a picture (please refer to third picture)
3. I intend to grow my hair again so when we do run out of time for this series maybe I'll 
    start another series on Suzy Bishop of Moonrise Kingdom fame.
4. Point No.3 just turned out to sound a little crazy considering how short my hair still is.


Jitterbug said...

That is the rad-est outfit, Esther. Only you could pull it off with such an impressive quirky feel to it. And I looooove that coat. :)

lahlah said...

Awwh.. thank you Bonniela (:

lazymanxcat said...

I CANNOt wait fot Suzy Bishop !

Abhi M said...

ur so cute n ur blog is as cute :)
do drop by :)

Sugar Lane said...

great styling for that coat!