Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wait up (Boots of Danger)

Is that a headless dudette??? 
So this outfit is basically about what you can do with your regular, over sized cardie.
Wore my sheer nude-y top over it and pretty much transforms into something else, which is what sort of gets me going about clothes. Toss it like salad and you've got a new dressing everyday no? A bit too formal with 'the only pair of boots I own' but it was another whip up for a zine titled Holiday Look so.. I like that it gives off a sturdy effect though! And Dalki intervened, injected a little color because maybe I found it a bit too dull. Its funny to think but I can picture myself kicking ass on the streets IF, suppose I had an attacker and I would beat the crap outta 'the attacker' with my boxy bag of course AND the boots! Just saying. Its also funny how your imagination takes flight when you bring in words like 'boots' and 'sturdy' and I'm conjuring images in my head of the scene already. Full outfit below.

Its only on the weekends
Only on the television screens
Always with your girlfriends
Always with your conversations
Making up for lost time, making it with me
Wait up!
Great band. Great video. Great song.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Of cozy sweaters.

I especially like the ones that I've enlarged. The Rykiel crazy stripe espesh! So Rykiel.
She is such a maverick and let it be known that I love Sonia Rykiel since I've never mentioned her here. Vivienne Westwood too and I might as well hop on to Miss Havisham too. Great Expectations.
P.s - Favorite classic book.
I can picture the three ladies dining together and I could take notes, peering from the sidelines.
Do a crazy red on my hair too. I got this royal navy colored coat recently. In VELVET! Big score OH YEAH.
Will do a propaa outfit post on it soon.

And I haven't been able to stop staring at this red skirt. So beautiful against the nude tones.
Picture source: Polyvore and

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dreaming of the Osaka sun

So this is what I've whipped up for a feature on a certain zine, more on that later.
I tried to incorporate everything that I love - nude tones, slouchy but giving the look structure with the belt, sheer on toppa' sheer, fluffy cozy knits. 
Am I excited with the outcome? Heck yeah.
And with the title there, was listening to Coldplay's Lovers in Japan after a long time and I was going for  something I could lounge around in - lazy and warm and I guess all that culminated into this.
Made it to Chictopia's homepage too :P

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mix Tape

Happy feet.
Winter has set in and I'm on a hunt for a pair of engine red socks.
I've finally compiled the mix tape for you guys.
I had to stop myself in adding a ton more!
These are on my current playlist.
Growing up in the late 90s, my top five would have to include bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Suede, Third Eye Blind, New Radicals, Blur, Placebo and I love Fleetwood Mac.. Stevie Nicks and if you listen to the first track, their singer reminds me of a young Stevie. Then the gradual transition to bands like Rilo Kiley, Stellastarr, The Kills, The Raveonettes, Arcade Fire, Spoon, The Cribs. Listening to obscure bands on the net is what I do best, I can never figure out the lyrics for some, especially for the 9th track here, this is how I usually sing along." Eh, oh.. Eh our lights are go, don't wanna let go until we say so. " Bobbing my head to the beat, obviously not making any sense.
Happy listening.

Hitten - Those Dancing Days
Boys Don't cry - The Cure
Karen - Chew Lips
Slick - Chew Lips
Space Hero Suits - Those Dancing Days
Get You Back - Oh Mercy
Heart Skipped a Beat - The xx
Someday - The Strokes
Don't Back Down - Restless People
Honey in the Sun - Camera Obscura
Books Written for Girls - Camera Obscura
For Emma - Bon Iver (check out the acapella version)
The Absence of God - Rilo Kiley

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sssup boys and girls.
Took a sick leave and I'm back, still coughing my lungs out though.
A-khhhhh! A-khuhhh.. *wheeze*.. *wheeze*..and still wheezing. 
For today's post I wanted to bring back this old beautiful, vintage dress of mine and do two different takes on it. Wearing the same cardigan. 1 2 = do a knot. 3 4 = wear 3 belts over it. Or 5, or even 6. And for the third belt, I've used the one that came along with the dress, the hook fell out due to my sister's clumsy hands so had to do a knot with that too. The whole look reminds me of a kimono now no?