Saturday, April 5, 2014

Me standing like I'm mourning in baby pink. I mean mourning and baby pink in one sentence? Sounds quite awful. That stance is mortifying actually but I get awkward mostly so they're not really intentional or premeditated stances I'm secretly employing as signature stances.. just to clear the air.. if it needed any clearing perhaps. So this was an official date dress and that just there is another mortifying statement and my expression above there says otherwise but boy was I excited to wear a dress in this particular length again. Well GO BABY PINK.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

1. And with this not so recent purchase marks my entry into the business of official hat-toting-dom.. Wazaaaa!

2. On a brilliantly sun scorching morning we weren't prepared for, I managed to snag these books for 30 bucks each, a magazine and a Star Wars encyclopedia for the brother all for a whopping 270 bucks. There's nothing like book-nerding cheap eh..

3. That cold late afternoon in February on a grocery run in my usual garb..and those plastic bags were literally weighing me down and I remember trying to take this shot without my arms wobbling from the weight. These boots were all I literally wore since November.. I had such a good run with her these past months and with summer beckoning I'm having minor anxiety issues about putting them away. I'm sure you can relate to it when you've adopted the 'buy two shoes a year' policy.