Saturday, June 15, 2013

 Hello again.
I've managed a decent outfit post in such a long time it almost feels 'not normal'.
Dug up this old skirt - I sort of wanted to feel what it was like to wear a skirt again - because I haven't ventured out in this particular length in such a long time I felt like I'd forgotten what it was like to swish around in these. And finally got Fjallraven's Kanken Mini in black so super crazy excited about it, it's all I carry around these days. I think I need to get the Classic ones too - never mind the hefty price tag. Who's with me? Anyone? 

Until the next post, have a good night!


Jitterbug said...


lazymanxcat said...

Dudette. Your shoes look the bomb! Love what I am seeing.

Hambert said...

At long last, the Old style "Faceless" pics again which made your blog so much unique... :-)

Dongaala said...

I had a great time scrolling through your post.
will be visiting more often.

<3 from nepal