Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Summer. Iced tea in the gallons. A retreat to the hills soon enough.
Thought id do a post on summer?.. Colour..errrm colour block. Yeah i am referring to the pictures. Nail varnish. I hardly use makeup but i love ze blush... Nude lipstick. And i am saving up for a fire engine red Chanel or Dior lipstick. Opulent brands..yeah. Pompous really. Sheesh. 

This is a lovely pale-ish sunflower yellow. 50bucks.

Stretching it out there. Flexing it up. Heh.

And perched atop my book are these objects... my colour block for this summer. Pretty. Pale. Yeah.

Talking about iced tea..thought id offer a pictorial concoction. In styrofoam cups like these when you venture out and if i am at home i like it in my Nuby Feeding Bottle below.

I am a sucker for baby things. They're cute. They make me creepily happy..like you could chuckle about it with vicious glee.

Oh Summer playlist :
My girls - Animal Collective
Lust for life - Girls
Gotta stay high - New Radicals
Knocked up - Kings of Leon & Lykke Li
Telephone - Lady Gaga & Beyonce

Or put your ipod on shuffle and just GO. Ummm i love music.

Monday, May 24, 2010

lights and silhouettes.

Flowerbomb. If you don't mind me stealing that from viktor&rolf :D
Paper lantern effect. (oh yeah..finally got the perfect one)
Nude coloured lipstick. Nude glory with the nude-ish slip and everything. Black slip underneath too. Then you bring in the skirt..cinch it with a belt and thats my outfit.
Made my hair all wavy too by tying it in a bun.
And ummm. Saw Shrek Ever After today. Had a good laugh. 
And well... blahblahblah. Don't you like outfits like these? heh.

And thats me going all.. Huh? Whaa?? Playing with the self timer. And this is what you get! An idiot making faces at her camera. So with that i recommend you should listen to Spoon's I Turn My camera On. I love Spoon and i love this song.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Clean. Hassle free. Lets work towards that yeah?

Celine's recent collection was just that.

I love this. Hermes. AHHH.              

And short shorts in plenty this summer.            (pictures courtesy jak&jil)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quick post.

Out running errands.
Been busy.  Very. Tired.
Nothing new.. Monotony.
New belt though.

Not feeling productive .. Apparently. Ho Hum.



Sunday, May 2, 2010


Wore this out today. Scouring the streets for paper lanterns. No such luck though. AND OH! Minus the heels. I couldn't possibly trudge around in that here. Just saying. Delhi's getting real hot :( cant wait to go back to the hills for the holidays. The weather's a plus point there. Experimenting is a whole lot easier. Light cardigans. And sheer piling up. OK.... Enough about that.

AND how weird are my poses?? Its either me squintin... or looking like an idiot. Im really good at that. 
Awkward. Awkward. Awkward.

Wearing my G-MA dress. That sounded hip-hop. I was NOT trying for that. Belts are all second-hand. Nothing new. This was a quick post so ciaoooooo.