Thursday, February 2, 2012

1. Stray picture from the previous post.
2. The cake we had on Christmas. It's February already I know but was mechanically editing pictures from 'the holiday' album so..
3. I don't do boots at all, as in propa' boots like these. But I'm definitely doing them now.
4. And that's Meiley, my nephew's spoiled cat.
5. Killing my room-mate with The Kills's 'future starts slow'.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Extra,extra large denim jacket, one of the few stuff I got during the holidays.
Finally got to tick it off from my 'to get list' ..and this particular time that we took these pictures, it was rain phenomena back home - this boring spell of rain and more rain which probably resulted in that moody pucker of the lips expression above. Which then resulted in this sort of apathy towards 'clothes' and 'getting dressed' and 'fashion' in general. 
Note: All characteristic of bad weather syndrome I suppose. Not like you're in a fashion rut, but a rut which eventually affects the whole order.