Saturday, October 5, 2013

Garden Party

For once I came up with the title for this post easy-peasy, YES! "Garden Party" seemed apt because this skirt and teeny top could definitely have been retrieved from a garden and the all too obvious giant 'Daisy' replacing my head and face for today. My eyes were somewhat too dead while poses were being struck but, I have to say, it really is doing a good job there - looming about all big and wide. I wonder if the word 'pretty' is a good enough adjective to add to the description .. I guess not. At least to me. So allow me to start unravelling on how I got to acquire the material out of which came this two-piece suit. My cousin took a trip here and we went out and about scouring material in this rather mucky place I'd rather not disclose and I did a squeal here and there and got quite a big heap. Roll after rolls. Quite literally. Made a bedsheet from it and I get very happy and light-headed knowing I'm dreaming dreams on this beautiful print. I fell in love with it mostly because of the print which has a dozen listings of frail looking, beautiful plants by their scientific botanical name. And I'm framing a small piece too. I'm not too sure what the next outcome will be from the remaining heap but I will definitely make a post on it when I do. Until then.


Aishwarya Khanna said...

Hey, that outfit is absolutely adorable. Also, I love the way you're wearing a pair of socks with those shoes. It really goes with the outfit.

Sayantani Saha said...

The print is beautiful! Love the two-piece! Also, the flower for your face..hilarious!