Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And so today I ventured out.. shopping for the first time since going home for my holidays. 
It was more of a window shopping, eating out affair rather than ending up with goodies as most people would like to put it. So no showsey pictures or my usual mini photo shoot with weird backgrounds that are forever changing. But I did find something to lust after. If this lusty feeling alluding to a shoe lasts then I might just run back to the store and get it. It has to last because if it doesn't then, you end up being a hoarder. I have no intention of hoarding... well, not anymore. Took a quick shot of what I wore. See the grey and navy person that I am? Heh.

This is perhaps the outdoorsey, looking at my shoe pose :D

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Geeeee... Notice how I am such a regular on the blogosphere lately?
Amateur blogger doing my bit. Sleep deprived at the moment.. almost 3 in the AM and staring at this screen in my state is nausea inducing but I do not want to end up with a draft. Getting straight to the point. 

Took these shots today. Been wanting to do this post as long as I can remember.

NO its not a skirt, more like a wrap-around. Where I come from, we wear this. Tribal? Errrmm yeah. It can be a bit tricky when you put it on because one has to make sure you level the hem lines after each wrap around the waist. Traditional staple garment called 'puan' which is all hand woven BTW with intricate detailed designs and patterns. Colour makes for huge play including the traditional designs that has been acquired over the years hence giving it an identity that has become a part of this sleepy little town's heritage. Will definitely do more variations on this as well as more info on the apparel.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello. That was lame. Truth is I do get.. As I've said it many times over, I am your average awkward midget/girl and YES I get self-conscious, face conscious?.. exposed and all that when I'm doing this blogging thing. Hence I don't do faces all that much, more so because well, this blog has no intention of getting too subjective about oneself ..they're all mug shots anyway. So we try and do the not-aware-of-the-camera pose, which is rather hilarious actually because I try to look nonchalant or detached which requires a lot of effort. AND NO I am NOT your average social butterfly/prattler. Yes I had to make that point. Shy blogger? Yes. Point given. Moving on.

This was fun layering for me. Grey pieces on top of grey pieces. That is why separates are fun and functional. Assembling and dissembling is an activity I take too much pleasure in, so much so that it leads to a mountain of clothes on the floor after the frenzied activity is over. A common case, yes. I say frenzy because this usually happens when this head of mine is befuddled with inspiration.


Peach socks bought in again. Will probbly do variations of this over and over. And there is an excess of bows here. On the shoes and the head which I noticed later on. Just focus on the layers yeah? There's really no point giving info on where the clothes are from. All thrifted. These repetitive, monotonous visuals seem to be my default camera pose so kindly bear with them.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Now here's another way to wear this dress. Tucked in. Made my skirt a bit poofy though.
I CANNOT get enough of my new peachy socks. Heh. 
Peach and grey work so well no? 

OH I totally forgot! Got featured by the lovely Vintage Obsession over here if you want to have a looksie. You can also check out my first ever feature (before I even had a blog) by fellow blogger calivintage, who's got an amazing vintage style. One of the first people who encouraged me to blog. 

Gee I sound all sappy soppy now. Like I'm doing a tribute but " Hey Erin! Thanks." I have to add, she's one of the few bloggers out there who's loyal to her style. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

art and people.

Stumbled on these. Look at how funny and intelligent they are. Illustrated by Alex Noriega who is " an illustrator from Barcelona that likes to draw things with small faces. " I like small things too, especially things that are small and cute. Cartoony and a bit wacky.  

The last two are so FUNNY. My tummy did a serious jiggle. The bunny and the little people make me go all weee and squirmy. Pat em' on the back and take them to bed, huddle them all close to me and maybe make faces at them while I'm reading my book or listening to Camera Obscura. Funny yet intelligent and endearing because you go OH! Okay. A little introspection here and there..errmm.. And you go.. OH again. I want to print out a gazillion of these and stick it all over my wall. You can check out more of these here and here if you agree with me that this is all very art-holy. Heh.

And please dont sue me for these pictures. Alex, I love your work.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

oh my billowy coat

                        Stray frays here.

Colour! Weeeee. Colour seems to give an instant a-ha effect BECAUSE I said COLOUR and then I went WEEEEE! Heh. Such an excess of colour for me. I don't do too much of that so...yeah. Had worn these shorts to the Zara store launch and you can pretty much tell that I love them. 99bucks from a rack of other gazillion shorts on the pavement with a huge ' ONLY 99 ' emblazoned on the display placard. Wore it here with my oh so billowy coat and the blouse underneath is red in colour which is not visible at all in the pictures and that is why I say 'an excess of colour' so you have fuschia, red and blue with a tinge of green. This is a rare occurrence when I put my outfit together so I had to do a double stress on that. I'm more of a grey and navy person. Just saying. 

So when you're confronted with an inspiring array of colours here, YES I did get inspired by what was at first an unconscious assemblage of too much colour that could have passed for ghastly or loud, but now its a definite that I will ' do more colour ' .. Yay? Ok. Moving on.

One of my readers asked why I never show my face?? Haha. 
That was the same question I was shot at many times over for the teeny weeny feature on Grazia India.
So I state my reasons below.
Awkwardness mostly. 
Lacking the ability at attempting a natural look/pose/face. Gaze?
And the pictures that I end up posting are my feeble attempts at looking less awkward, or even loony.
So I do end up looking loony most of the time. Though loony is good sometimes. But the loony that I'm talking about is another sort of loony that makes you look like a complete idiot. Ask my sisters.
Hence, ' the face ' not being visible most of the time is the safest approach :D

Sunday, June 13, 2010

i turn my camera on....

Tidied up what I wore yesterday with this teeny tiny jacket.
I say 'tidy' because it is really tiny, almost compact and a considerable decrease in width compared to the denim shirt so gives off a neat boxy look. Everything just coming together at the waist seems to be the  whole focal point of every outfit.. Anyhoo..short post. 

I am loving this right now. Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

french navy

So.. today I had gone to the airport to pick up Mum and I am going to say the usual, repetitive "this is what I decided to put on" .. *sheesh* .. My sister was able to get a few shots despite the massive downpour. All out denim.. basic wear is all.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i like zombies.

Another font. I am SO inconsistent with my fonts which also reminds me I have to pimp my blog. Who wants to pimp my blog?? Sculpt it. Have a visual feast of it all eh?

Moving on. Zombies. Add that to the plot of the classic novel Pride and Prejudice and you have Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I am WAY late though. It came out last year around April and I did not know about it. When book-nerding is apart of your activities, you might as well strike it out from your list and hail yourself a sham. My tummy gave a JIGGLE when I saw the book. Allow me to emphasize on the word again. Z-O-M-B-I-E-S. Its only been a month since I stumbled upon the book so I had to do that. Caps lock and shieet. Heh. Was apart of the syllabus in school and in college again so I had a natural zombie-feisty inclination to what can now thus be called a saga?? Haha. Yeah I would have a ball playing a zombie. A zombie is one of my favourite things. 28 Days Later. 28 Weeks Later. Resident Evil and lately, Zombieland. Remember one of the rules in killing a zombie there? Double tap. I was stoked about that.

And now this?? Regency-era England overrun with zombies. Wooohoooo. All hail Quirk Books editor, Jason Rekulak who developed the idea, writer Seth Grahame-Smith and Austen without which this sequel would not be possible and rightfully given credit as co-author. Zombies referred to as "unmentionables" is enough to make my tummy give another serious jiggle. Professional zombie hunters called "reclaimers" which btw is sooo bad-ass. Mode of combat? Shaolin training under highly skilled Chinese and Japanese masters for which trips to the orient have to be made. Ninjas and Zatoichi cane sword?? If you're an avid zombie fan or apart of the literary bandwagon then jump in yeah? And speaking about visual feast... the book contains illustrations by Philip Smiley who has, not surprisingly, illustrated for many major fashion labels including Burberry and Commes des Garcons which is all very "art-holy" for me. Makes you shudder. OK.. The opening is EPIC.. " It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains. " Remember the original opening?? :D The graphic novel is already published including a video game based on it and apparently has already been purchased by a major film company. There is a prequel too, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls which I will definitely get my puny hands on including the graphic novel. Don't get me started on the movie just yet. I end here for this whole post will turn into something of an incoherent ramble of  "zombie mayhem" and here are a few shots of the book.

How cool is this? Ms Elizabeth Bennet in combat with a zombie.

Mr Darcy gallantly shooting away at the "unmentionables"

Can you see those ninjas?? Elizabeth and Darcy ninja-ing the hell out of each other.

Elizabeth and Darcy amidst zombies definitely "in want of more brains"

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Sunday. Weeeeeeeee. I should probbly do cartwheels with that. And another weeeeee cause i AM at home. Got up real late..did a few household chores. Listened to my new favourite  bands - Mumford and Sons and Camera Obscura. Perfect timing here with the weather...raining incessantly so i was able to pull out this oversized cardie and knee highs that only this kind of weather here would allow. Would never have happened if i was still in Delhi. Delhi can take a hike right now. Haha. A little variation from the usual summer-esque outfits YEAH? Yeah. Heh. So lemme do the usual 'what am i wearing' ..give a little length to this post. Little me is wearing a dress underneath this huge cardigan...both are secondhand BTW. Nothing new. I wasn't thinking uniform when i was putting this outfit looks like that though especially when you bring in the knee high socks and the little treasure chest  that could pass for a tiffin box. Okay.. lets not get to that.
                         The photos look all earthy and browny. Browny? I know. Owing to the backdrop and the colour of my dress. Brown is my least favourite colour. Just saying but i love putting an outfit together.. its like putting a live collage together. Colours, various prints and bringing structure to clothes. Render them animate from then on trudging along with your every step and hold on to them forever. Well i feel like that sometimes and it sounds a bit weird already so..... And how do you end a post? Bye? Ciao? Well i have said that a few times. There's no normal way i guess so if you're reading go listen to french navy by camera obscura.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

@ Zara

Okay.. So I was lucky enough to get an invite to ZARA's first ever store launch here in India. Epic? Epic enough for me. So I played this  blogger going to a store launch of a world famous clothing label. I felt awkward..petrified?? Uhhh yeah. The store was  HUGE! The collection was pure genius, incorporating every important key element in fashion today as well as beautiful classic pieces. Clogs. Lady Gaga. Nude galore. Floral power. The nautical fashion trend. Beautiful denim. Great basic wear actually.. practical so one can actually procure 4 to 6 items at a time if you have the dough. So I had fun traipsing around the store clicking pictures, me and my cousin going all omg... came across this nude coloured flat..then more omgeees. Lovely evening, met lovely people too. My cousin and I did go again the day after to pick up a few things we had really liked. The scene there could be compared to a massive haul out. People just buzzed about the entire place and everything was just literally flying off the shelves. The tee I really, really wanted was only available in a size too big for me..including the nude flats I was talking about. I am definitely going there again though.

The tee i REALLY wanted.

Sturdy. I could kick ass in this.

I definitely lean more towards slouchy blazers.

This romper reminded me of Miu Miu. All over in chictopia and lookbook right now.

Telephone vid is WICKED.

I loved the buttons and the suspenders.

Grey and cute too.

Nude flats i was talking about

A tee from the kid's section.

And this is what i wore to the event.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Ahoy! Blogging from the comfort of my home *all smiles*
Its pouring back here in the hills.. So took a few shots after we landed at the airport.
Quick meal at a local shack here. Local cuisine. Loved the interior.
Be back with more posts later in the day.