Monday, December 17, 2012

Some fantasmic winter-wear inspiration.

Image Source here

Friday, November 16, 2012

A bit of a burgundy trail here on today's photo diary.
This post for me is a documentation of some of the things that make me crane my neck and squeal out 'oh how I love you!! SHIIIT!'. Recent purchases. Like for instance, when I wear my sweater up there, I feel a fuzzy, giddy warmth somewhere in my temples. Clothes do that to you. No shit. And while we're on that, you really want to know how I feel like when I wear that cap? Not initially but this is what happened.

Brother: What the...... Jeez you look like a militant idiot with that cap on!

Me: Uhhh... Pft. 

This is proof your brother will make fun of anything you wear and mostly because they love to annoy the hell out of you so having shared that little anecdote, I sometimes wonder if I really look like a militant when I'm out and about. Let me know if you see me around yeah?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Matahari on the rooftop.

No I didn't actually go berserk on the rooftop.
Assuming the general public probably might reject that sort of behavior.
And definitely no stomping.
Maybe AIR GLIDING as seen below..

I actually feel like Matahari - head gear and all, with me necklace a-dangling up there on me little head, which reminds me I did the exact same thing for my college graduation's  formal night, getting a necklace and sticking pins at the back of my head to hold it and with my mum's necklaces when I was much younger, obviously fascinated by the traditional Indian 'tikka' head gear as I would like to call it. I swear i did not know what they were called at that tender age. I have been meaning to get one for a long time so until that fateful day arrives, this mega bling-ed out blinder will have to suffice. I remember my mum giving me that weird look at the Zara store when I asked her If I could buy the necklace - reason one being 'oh child, I didn't know you had taken a sudden fancy to jewelry? or reason two 'where are you ever gonna wear this much bling on your otherwise "I'm a beggar/picnic-y attire" ?? She says that all the time, and a horde of my cousins and relatives. Sometimes they're baffled by the fact that I just prefer a one-colored navy sweater like the one I'm wearing above there with a simple straight-cut skirt, also, above in the picture with no pom poms hanging loose on the edges.
                So it's pretty nice to be able to revisit that childhood activity of picking your mum's necklaces and pretend you were an Indian princess/warlord with my neckie-necklace and wearing it with staples like my navy sweater there. I am all for mixing it up, there's a joy in there like no other, like having your favorite meal spread out on the table except they aren't edible. And speaking of edible, there's dinner to chow down. 

Have a great evening.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Good afternoon. Hello. 
A little warning, this is an impromptu post.
Before we get back to the swing of things.

It's a bit disorienting, in that spine tingling sense actually! to be posting after months. 
I will owe the absence to a dozen reasons.. moving, then wanting to shut down ferr' a bit, super busy scurrying about with all the moving and loading and stocking and settling the 'load' and 'stocks' being acquired during the move and so on. And getting tired ..then lazy. And more lazy. Then your little sisters join you and amidst all the family gatherings where everyday is a feast, you proceed to stuff your face silly and you get FAT. Chubby to be more precise.
        I'M Here now, in woolies already. The second sweater I've purchased as winter's about to close in on us. BURGUNDY. BURGUNDY. BURGUNDY. This was actually supposed to go - GREY. GREY. GREY... but I'm really keen on getting burgundy supplies at the moment so grey will have to take a setback for now. I'm pretty finicky when it comes to embracing new colors so I'm going to narrow it down to just burgundy sweaters and who knows, a half section of my wall will turn burgundy by the end of November.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Diana Mini White.

I am a bit confuzzled as to how I should start this entry.
Mostly because I'm filled with this heartwarming evangelical zeal..
And you're facing a 'block' of some kind in the art of expressing
that zeal, because you're a complete sucker for anything pertaining
to a camera or that moment when you first got your own camera.
And the added incentive is it's miniature and cute and I'm a sucker
fer', well, cute whether it's Hello Kitty or baby knick-knacks.
And its Like that warm feeling in your heart when you're in love (major cheese there)
BECAUSE that is exactly what the Diana Mini does to you.
You just want to cup it in your hands and smother it.

So with that said, I am flushed and so happy to be collaborating
with Lomography India, and carry onward the message of
lomography. I remember reading these lines in an article that 
'Manual cameras are romantic, digital cameras are democratic' -
and being a romantic at heart, it is such a big deal to come
back to something familiar like films or that frenzied 
anticipation of waiting for your shots to get developed.
I think it's sort of nice to slow the pace sometimes. 

So meet my Diana Mini White.
I personally love it because it's all-white.
I even took the liberty of giving her, her own name - Ella.
And I went out today to get my haircut and took these shots just after.

And honestly, I sort of about just cringed with glee when I put 
together this new pastel yellow-y top with my Diana Mini - the
contrast mainly and literally went on a swoon spree. I get loony crazy
with small itty-bitty details like that. 

I guess this is a followup on Lesly's post here, remember how we got
all excited about the little Diana yeah?? and you can read more 
about the Diana Mini there such as it's history and slate of up and
coming projects. You can also head over to
if you perhaps are a newbie on the whole concept or just want to
know more about it.

And I do have an exciting giveaway to host soon with regard to this..
So I suggest you keep your eyes peeled.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bare-midriffin' it.
And don't start conjuring images of a raincoat.. not just yet.
It only LOOKS like one. 
For if I was to take this baby out when it's pouring cats and dogs, sea urchins
and baby octopuses and such - I'd be drenched right down to my little toes. 
It really does justice to impersonating your average raincoat but making it
more wearable  and I love that it's a bit deceiving to the eye. In this pretty
shade of orange and A HOOD! YES! *stealth* Roomy pockets, and for when
you've concocted that layer on layer ensemble and you want to finish it off
with something?? Hint, hint. Can you tell I'm excited? I'll always love a good
mix and this is the perfect ingredient.

Current vibes include the above pastel yellow skirt. And everything 
else pastel yellow-y. I seem to have forgotten that 'gray' is my favorite
color. On a side note, my Sunday afternoon consisted of sleeping, well, 
the entire afternoon and eating cream colored mangoes in my dreams 
that had blue swirls in em' - pretty trippy. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I don't know if it's the Prada jacket that I'm never going to get over..
Or the two dudes cause I'm on a major backpackin' spree yo!
This picture should be dubbed "the situation"

I can't even begin to start on this one.
Garden party for Stella McCartney's Resort Collection.
Image source here and here

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is it obvious enough who I'm channeling today?
Pin straight hair, that somewhat infamous barrette.
I'm going to call it The Margot Tenenbaum Series.
And I've decided on it being a regular fixture here.
Another reason in pushing the term - playing dress up.

And this is what Margot might have worn when she was seventeen.
Supposing it was a library trip to get hold of Chekhov's books?

It's actually pretty great that in the movie, all the characters wore mostly the
same outfit or there would be tiny variations here and there - like when Chas
Tenenbaum, Margot's brother switched to the black colored Adidas tracksuit at
their father's funeral. I never saw that coming and I thought it was so clever.
So I've been wondering what would Margot wear besides her usual uniform of 
that Fendi fur coat and the sky blue Lacoste tennis dress. Between the two, I'd
personally never wear the dress cause I have not yet found an affinity for the
color blue. That particular blue on her dress. Strictly clothes wise yeah? And 
I'm not sure if I would wear what I'm wearing up there. It's a bit constrained.

Please note:
1. I have the required hair length at present.
2. So point number 1 really got me excited to do this series.
3. Did take out your standard straightening tongs for a more precise copy of Margot's hair.
4. I have been collecting pretty, tacky looking barrette/hair clips.
5. I know Margot would have loved the cardigan up there.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

In a bit of a polka haze at the moment.

And keeping it wacky there below.
Could go with a punchline like....
How low can you go? Or how polka can you go?

Monday, July 2, 2012

This post sure looks like it could be titled the backpack chronicles.
I'm gonna be packing it up really nice believe you me.
It's something to get jittery and super excited when you chance upon that 
dreamy little bag you have been hankering over BUT IT'S ANOTHER THING 
when that bag is so easily acquired because all it took was going thrift-in'
and there's always the thrill of the hunt - which makes it more personal, 
special and memorable. Like that day when a bunch of us were sitting around 
this sack full of soft toy goodies squealing and guessing which character was 
which while the owner sat knitting away oblivious. AND oh yeah, s-l-a-s-h-e-d prices.
And what else?

- A genuine Prada Nylon Backpack. Still in amazing condition.
Don't forget the little guy up there.

And then there was a Comme des Garcons. Comme des F*** DOWN. Haha.
I HAD TO add that.
So maybe the title 'the backpack chronicles' wont really work now.
My grandma did say the bag would be great for grocery shopping.

No idea if this one's authentic.
Tip: When going a-thrifting and especially for bags, don't start
squealing yet when you find a certain fancy name on it. Peek 
inside and take a closer look at the lining and zipper details.
You'll definitely know if it's a copy or not. And certainly no
squealing just cause there's a fancy name.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

This post includes a series of poses.
A lucky thrift score that has to do with Lil Wayne's 'I got stripes - ADIDAS' line.
And my polka dot-ed shorties that you can vividly see through my dress.

AND fun layering.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tread carefully.
These highly edited photos just.. might.. induce photosensitive epilepsy.

Oh well.

I wanted to make a record of this dress, so here it is - proof of its existence.
For they is gonna get slashed because of its unholy exaggerated shoulder - its 
like I got slapped across with a sunflower-filled wood board fer shoulders and
wood board because they are that stiff - so stiff and structured (in an amazing
way though - if that was what you wanted) that my sister gave me a slight wince
when I tried em' on and it just hit me - I HAVE PRETTY CARTOON-Y SUNFLOWERS

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Take a cue from Mr Walken.. (whose soundboard app I have on my phone - CAN -
YOU - BELIEVE - THAT????) there goes my public acknowledgement about how
much I adore this blessing of a human being. I know.. I know, how we folk tend
to get a bit blatant on our exaggerated profound/unprofound ways of idolizing
such and such.. but he is THE.. CHRISTOPHER WALKEN so.. this picture is from
one gem of a tumblr - so go snoop 
around while I go get some sleep.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

We're gonna have to get used to my poor picture editing skills unless I 
develop the knack for it. I wore this outfit to my aunt's place last night, 
except that my Steve Maddens were replaced by my Birkenstocks, so this
version would be for when I'd like to gussy up. My recent thriftin' jaunts
led me to this dress - the kind I have been searching for - fer a damn long
time actually. The length is ideal, and loose enough for when you want
to make a knot there like I did. The boxy bag is another story though,
more on that later. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Such a beaut. You Lilac/Lavender dress you. This color sort of struck me 
as being synonymous with weddings, a bridesmaids dress in particular. 
I should make it a point to wear it to one, a wedding, that is. Been awhile
since I stumbled upon a dress worth swooning over so this recent purchase
has definitely been worth the wait.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I need to wear my flatforms more often. I tend to forget just how 
much I love them. My Birkenstocks and other heel-less kicks usually
come in the way of everything else unless I need to gussy up and 
adorn myself with that much needed extra, extra inch. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

These pictures would sum up the week - from the lamp post on our 
balcony against the skies that stretch beyond infinity, to spotting
this spotty little bug on one of the curtains in the living room. 
Me and Mum making beef noodles one lazy Sunday afternoon. 
And more noodles that I prepared on my own -  it's like I've 
declared it noodle week or something. It's actually been pork porn
this whole time on the food front. And rain that's been lashing
at my room window the past few days. Be dumping more stuff 
from my instagram page. Now this troll is off to get some shut
eye. X_X