Saturday, January 30, 2016

First, Happy 2016.

I feel like an intruder lurking about on this space.
Feels eerily strange to be here - pasting above image, typing and editing this out.
Anyway, that, above, is the film Grandma.
I watched it two days ago, still wallowing in it.
Hence the rather abrupt decision to share it here amidst long absences.
Because it's probably one of those films I thoroughly enjoyed. 
Since, maybe, Lone Survivor, The Town. And more.
Yes, I'm more of the war/action genre geek.
Basically anything that involves a group in combat gear on a reconnaissance mission and the words, delta, echo, india being tossed about. Okay geeking out already. Stop it right there.

Well, never mind not having shared anything here for months.
And with the references in the film, it helps if you have some sort of a background in literature, whether concrete or fleeting. It definitely made me laugh just a little bit harder and thought it'd be a great first post to start the year with, if more posts materialise, ever. 

Until then.