Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gee, look who's been neglecting the blogosphere again. 
And here we go.. again, with my incessant attempt to rationalize or justify my absence - I haven't quite started yet so I am not even going to, for once today. Let's just say I decided to hop on a giant air balloon towards the Atlantic Ocean, descended head first into said ocean and spent time with my giant octopus friend who I named Rotzko and wouldn't let me leave until now. So THERE!

And oh let's just add that I got myself this canvas shoe on me way back yeah? For a little credibility? Rotzko swooped it up for me with one of his large tentacles. Big swipe it was. Its the second official leopard buy. Let's hope the first official buy will have a chance to show itself here on the blog soon. I believe I've mentioned I'm not really a leopard print person - it's just ghastly to look at but then I've had little moments where I've gone - 'oh that, with that, its not so bad' so when I spotted this spotty number I had to give in and ultimately came home with them. Plus there wasn't exactly any other shoe that I wanted and even if I do I have no patience for online purchasing at the moment. Well, no regrets so far. So this little leopard number is here to stay and the perfect stepping stone towards the suckfest that is summer. Excuse my rather harsh sentiment in referring to summer as 'suckfest' because that is the perfect two syllable word to describe the summers here in the capital.

Till then.