Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Camel on the loose.
A bit too formal there with them heels.
I like that its casual, no fussy details and the fact that you can throw em' on top of almost anything. Best part? The HOOD. I love anything thats got a hood on it. Stealthy y'know.

Monday, January 24, 2011

All I want is to let this ginormous coat speak for itself.
Hence I wore only the damn thing.
Actually tiny shorts and an even tinier sweater underneath.
It will do for now until I come up with something to pair em' with.
I was in a kind of conflict regarding that.
Conflict and clothes.. Yeah.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Over @ campus.

Went to school today to check out my dates and this is my no fuss campus attire? Haha.
Wearing grey Gap V-neck sweater. I'm pretty paranoid about finding the right grey sweater and this was one lucky haul. Threw on my Old Navy shirt and the boots are awesome for trolling around town, dressing up or down and I've been wearing them everywhere. They are the shizz! And just for the record, I'm gonna go now and rave about the Proenza Schouler PS11 bag and watch Alien Ant Farm's videos on the tube.

A little retouch. I completely forgot about the visuals, the latter end of what I was talking about. This is one of my favourite songs off'a the band and Dryden Mitchell is a bad ass. I love how they incorporated the whole Edward Scissorhands cult fame in the video, everyone would be making a beeline for a haircut from the prodigy himself eh? And Alice ( In Wonderland) would play chaperone and assist the prodigy while Uncle Tim looks on, makes sure everyone pay their dues, a tommy gun in hand. Sweet. Uh, okay, I'm done here.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

1. Tom Sharpe's Indecent Exposure is dead funny.
2. My nephew with what we call 'Gaga's wig' on his 3 year old head.
3. My sister, Daisy Ginger Head.
4. I love my boots like no other.
All photos by me except for the two below. I fancy being one of the boys. Sometimes. We all do. Its not a revelation. With a nice, slick mop of hair like them dudes below. Shot by Jack Siegel. I love theskullset crew. Been calling Jack and his work that since school. Do check em' out. And below are another cool bunch of boys with even more slick-er hairdo, song's so cool makes you want to punch something while listening to it. I just got introduced to the song so the frenzy has not passed over yet. Punching and all. Heh.

Remember The Outsiders? You get my point yeah?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Huppy New Year.
How late am I? A few glitches with my internet connection so...
Wearing a cardigan that.. Ahem.. Shrank but I'm real tiny so I got to keep it still.
And super long mustard skirt. Lately I've been wanting everything mustard color wise.
Erm.. I look really feminine here..hair a-flowing, skirt a-flowing too, minus the bun and all and this new orange plastic belt that I got goes with everything. I was so excited when I bought it, it was like purchasing a bright, fun toy. This was shot some time around mid-December when it wasn't bleeding cold so but now its just bulk on top of bulk, a lot of black like I'm in mourning, lets hope February will give us a little reprieve from all that.
Thank you for reading!