Tuesday, December 29, 2009

night shot ehh?

hmmm.. this looks like some christmassy post.. umm well it is. heh and oh i decided to change my font cuz its soo hard to read since its too teeny weeny...like they got obliterated or something.

First off... Hope everyone had a lovely christmas.. and then we come to this mini jacket thing that im wearing.. fell for it since the day i got it..secondhand..price was like zero and then we come to the tree..oh no thats not the tree that ur supposed to have at home..its pretty huge..humongous actually. I took a shot of this tree when we were out and about..driving around town.. and since its all red and bright..like my jacket i decided to post em all together..huddle em together.. yeah a little funny.

Super cold..super lazy here. We're going on  a little road trip tomorrow..visiting an orphanage too..mum and i made a dozen sandwiches..im bummed..from making sandwiches? yeeaaahhh cuz i was stuffing em in the whole time :D

OK G'nite people. 


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays

OKAY.. here's a few pictures of me and my cousin..they're a little wacky heh ^_^


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

oh and if there's any love in me dont let it show.

SO... wore this some days back..had to go to this wedding reception and what i wore above is a little too drabby?? gramma??? for even an after the wedding affair thingy?? Maybe i should have gone more brighter but aah it was cold and the weather started gettin real shitty...more like gloomy later...sun had gone hiding ack! ANYHOO...its the holidays.. wow..always loved christmas..new year and all that stuff... Gettin together with the family and shieettt .... I should do a holiday look soon...all furry ...fuzzy and warm and days are gettin colder..brrrrr...conducive to laziness...its like ure this troll thing..all furry because u'v piled on a heap of sweaters and jumpers or whatever you wear to keep yourself warm...with bad hair and acne trudging out of bed..but you still wanna be in bed..ugghh :(  but amidst all this... there are some things which are relevant though. I read (finally!) a thousand splendid suns by khaled hosseini.. i cried..REALLY CRIED!! And i want to read all of anton chekhov's books.. aaah.

On a final note.. My hair's growing :))) and i love Noah and the Whale.