Sunday, January 13, 2013

Greetings earthlings.
So tell me, what did I miss? Speaking of miss, I know MY mid-section is missing. Uhh it got lost in our oh-so-wide whirlpool of a web so I'm leaving now to retrieve it and will be back in a jiffy. I kid. For the life of me I don't have a thing to say or an excuse even - with regard to the frequent absence here on the blog except YES I HAVE BEEN MEANING to post an entry but it all just boils down to procrastinating about it and zilch! Nothing. Not that it has anything to do with no inspiration, fashion wise. And while we're on that -  to sort of push the fact that the subject mentioned is totally relevant I have developed a certain preference for the color black. Black? Me? Who knew. Let's see what other shenanigans this new year will bring for me and all of you.

And as late as it may be with the holidays behind us, (and me trying to catch up with everything here on the blog) this was our tree *dismembered only just yesterday* that Mum and I had put up *with Daddybear giving a nod here and there while we were at it* and pretty nostalgic about it cause it's a new tree in a new house that we've made our home over only a short period of time. Christmas was different this time, away from the hills and pretty much spent most of it missing our old tree stacked away somewhere in the dark.

Happy 2013.
Have a good day kids!

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lazymanxcat said...

Well hello you. Such a delight to see your face. :)