Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thrifted green dress that I got months back. Finally taking it out for a walk on the blog. On a more casual note, I'd wear it with my black suede tough girl boots and throw a jacket on top, pickup my backpack and I'm good for school. Some Olsen inspo.. I gots to, GOTSS to have MK's dress.
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Check out me tugging at my Minnie Mouse bottoms :D

Merry Christmas everyone. I could've gotten blown away with this olive sheet thing I'm wearing. Pretty windy. One of my friends dubbed it 'the raincoat' because of its airy-ness, breezy fabric and shizz. I love it against my new coral shrimp colored tights. Also wearing favorite sock of the moment and my sister's sky high shoes from Forever21. I'm afraid I haven't got much Christmas-y pictures to present though I had planned on it, haven't even taken a picture with the good ol' tree though thats what I did the whole day on Christmas, taking pictures for everyone cept' me. BUT I've been incubating at home, or either running over to my cousins's...getting drunk on my favorite Chicken Biryani, frozen and flown from Calcutta..the old city I called home for more than 6 years. I miss the place. And there it is.. I fantasize and dream about eating it sometimes, when I'm in Delhi or here at home and I can't have it on my plate. And yeah..thats what I said, I love it so much we get it flown.
Merry Christmas again. Next post coming right up.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Late night Inspo.

"Serizawa! Chicken!" Well..thats me mouthing off one of the lines from Crows Zero. The bad ass guys above. And Polyvore came in handy so I made a collage. I got a bit confused - Tote or Satchel? Wouldn't mind lunging both. I just about died for the Double Peak Lapel Coat. Proenza Schouler. I could take a pass at the dress though and just wear the coat and get into character for my Crows Zero stint with crazy hair. Bad joke. I could get sued for even mentioning that.
Just smuggled HUGE CHUNKS of Dad's roasted pork from the kitchen. Washed it down with coke and cheese. I'm having a bit of a ball here at home. Back to being a troll in the hills which is bloody terrific-al (courtesy Ramona). AND I almost forgot to mention, BIG 'thank you' for the feature over at Grazia and Cosmo India, both this month's issue. HUPPY HOLIDAYS :))

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm home for the holidays. Finally. Wearing Dad's shirt. Mum's brooch. And my very old, trusty navy sweater. Pssst... wearing it still. Chrismukkah.. YAY.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Barely awake but I still got my stripes

The holidays are near and this sweater is perfect, from H&M Spring 2011 Women.
Maybe I could get a similar one at the secondhand stores back home - fingers crossed!
This image is taken from Pascal Grob's which I frequent a lot. The kid's got a knack for documenting and every image cloistered on his blog seems to tally with what I love, either in apparel or mood or to sum up, the mere state of my existence, yeah go there -------->> Great Blog!
AND here we have the iconic Oliver Cromwell. Thought I'd read up on the man since it would give me more leverage with some of the bulk that is my books. History's great squabbles..yada yada. The illustrations are dead wack and I've been chuckling helluva lot, just saying its a good read. I'm having a bit of a blogger's block you could say, with my semester exams, not hitting the right notes with that either. Battling existentialism and I might just turn out to be as obscure as Cromwell minus the warts. Eurgh. AND I'm on a Tokyo Police Club trail so here's BAMBI. This song's A-Crackling!