Tuesday, December 29, 2009

night shot ehh?

hmmm.. this looks like some christmassy post.. umm well it is. heh and oh i decided to change my font cuz its soo hard to read since its too teeny weeny...like they got obliterated or something.

First off... Hope everyone had a lovely christmas.. and then we come to this mini jacket thing that im wearing.. fell for it since the day i got it..secondhand..price was like zero and then we come to the tree..oh no thats not the tree that ur supposed to have at home..its pretty huge..humongous actually. I took a shot of this tree when we were out and about..driving around town.. and since its all red and bright..like my jacket i decided to post em all together..huddle em together.. yeah a little funny.

Super cold..super lazy here. We're going on  a little road trip tomorrow..visiting an orphanage too..mum and i made a dozen sandwiches..im bummed..from making sandwiches? yeeaaahhh cuz i was stuffing em in the whole time :D

OK G'nite people. 


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays

OKAY.. here's a few pictures of me and my cousin..they're a little wacky heh ^_^


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

oh and if there's any love in me dont let it show.

SO... wore this some days back..had to go to this wedding reception and what i wore above is a little too drabby?? gramma??? for even an after the wedding affair thingy?? Maybe i should have gone more brighter but aah it was cold and the weather started gettin real shitty...more like gloomy later...sun had gone hiding ack! ANYHOO...its the holidays.. wow..always loved christmas..new year and all that stuff... Gettin together with the family and shieettt .... I should do a holiday look soon...all furry ...fuzzy and warm and days are gettin colder..brrrrr...conducive to laziness...its like ure this troll thing..all furry because u'v piled on a heap of sweaters and jumpers or whatever you wear to keep yourself warm...with bad hair and acne trudging out of bed..but you still wanna be in bed..ugghh :(  but amidst all this... there are some things which are relevant though. I read (finally!) a thousand splendid suns by khaled hosseini.. i cried..REALLY CRIED!! And i want to read all of anton chekhov's books.. aaah.

On a final note.. My hair's growing :))) and i love Noah and the Whale.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

I pay attention to colour palette. huhhh

Most natural post yet ehhhh?? :D

What about this??... haha

And we are back!! since i said earlier that i am a terrible blogger?? and its been weeks since i have not blogged about anything at all.. i am such a lazy grammaaa..but leave that... its sunday...my favourite day o' the week and IM BLOGGING.... a new post.. VOILA! New boots...and its GREY...oh how i love grey..i dont wear boots AT ALL ..and being a midget my legs would probably disappear in them but oh i could not leave these..they go with almost every colour ...the wooly vest is new too..i dont like vests at all..again but yeah this one's grey too and its not body-hugging so im definitely hanging on to these :))...the dress is one of my fav dresses....i love the detail on the collar...the bag is my cousin's shhhhhhhh  AAAAANNNNNND today was  a pretty good day cuzzz MUM made the best avocado salad in months...with broccoli and tomatoes and yeah some other veggies heh..Spent most of the afternoon listening to Jackson Browne with dad..and lady gaga's bad romance...the vid's epic btw...

Nothing much to share...nothing new..oldy moldy. My hair's growing?? Haha.
And id like to add these lines from this book im currently reading by Ali Smith...
" Cliche was true,obviously,which was why it had become cliche in the first place;so true that cliche actually protected you from its own truth by being what it was,nothing but cliche.Advertising,for example,loved cliche because it was a kind of pure mob truth. " .... Ruminating on this currently....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

just an outfit post

I am lazy...i dont know think im uppp for blogging :D

Friday, October 16, 2009


Marriage?? Hell no. Weddings?? Oh YES..thankyouverymuch. I attended this wedding two days back...it was lovely...ummm its a wedding so obviously and if i start thinking...i have been to only 4 or 5 weddings. I want to go to more :) and i thought i would grab the opportunity to wear the above...black dress? wedding?? i know but... if i had a beautiful peachy nude dress then that would be a better option but...alas..i do not own one so... This dress was down to my ankles so now it has taken a short trip.. :D and i am not too fond of the color of my shoe but the stark contrast with the dress pretty much seals the deal...though i would love to pair it with boxed heels in pastel colors. AND talking about footwear...LV's peg-heeled clogs??? No comments.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

cant think of a title today

Wearing this skirt with two shoes...heh. Had worn this out to town..had cheese and veg dumplings..not with the heels though..i was wearing flats. Alot has happened.. my dog passed :( and the lense of my camera is royally screwed right now..its in this crooked position so i guess it landed on the lense when it fell and i wonder if it can be fixed..if not..i am royally screwed :((  my dog was playing around and she happened to kick it over and it fell from the bed ..ouch.. and now my dog is dead too :((( and i have been uninspired lately..bored to death and lazy and i feel empty and oh please i am not goin on with this.


Monday, September 28, 2009


I just wanted to put up these pictures...had posted em in chictopia days back heh :)... this cardie is secondhand. It reminds me of the endless jackets from the ramps...the ' it ' jackets or blazers or blaaah........

And i want to dress up like this forever. Just pile on stuff on a whim with sky-high heels and these are my sister's heels..not mine aaah. I actually suck in wearing heels..i cannot walk properly but i make the effort tho and i still suck. I have no idea now as in how i would describe my style..its all over the place at the moment and fashion weeks dont help neither blogs! I get inspired from here and there and its all muddled up. And this is the latest inspiration.... ...

Dont we all love MK...  :))

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lets do the Prada...

Today i was browsing through Vogue and came upon this quote by Miuccia Prada and it goes... " I like describing the femme fatale...playing with that cliche and the deconstruction of that typical beauty and elegance " and i think thats real cool. I feel like that all the time..not just fashionwise and Prada's clothes and design ethic really resonate that. I think this quote will stay with me for a long time.

And i wish this bag was mine. AAAHHH :(

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I guess i am still very much in the flowy..flowy mood.
I have been for quite some time... And this outfit im wearing right now..i've worn it so many times..over and over again. And now i have so many flowy long skirts and dresses... my friends especially the guys call me grandma or aunty when i wear em... some people dont get it i guess. Ofcourse its a slight deviation from my normal stock of shorts and shorts..and shorts :)) and i feel a certain sense of me growing..as in my style..more mature?? heh :)
I got the skirt just for 50 bucks...barely a dollar.
The shoes are mum's...they are quite big for me.... And well thats it 

Monday, September 14, 2009


This is what i wore and what i ate?? Sunday brunch? lol
Made this Singapore rice noodles..with tidbits of beef.
So im wearing the recently acquired grey..umm what should we call it...
I find it very Alexander wang-issh :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Already too in love with the bag...very functional.  And the very faded denim skirt.
There's actually so much more but it would fill up the whole page. Got this very nice top..in grey. Its perfect symmetry.
Outfit post of that comin' up very soon...can't wait to play with it. I am so hungry right now... *stomach growls* 
Scored big time while shopping today.... Weeeeeee

Monday, September 7, 2009


Umm...now we have radio! Its a good thing. No outfit post but coming right up... Am on me way to the secondhand stores in an hour. Lets see what goodies are waiting for me.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lets flow.

Wore this dress all day long...this past sunday.
I think sundays are perfect for dresses :)