Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tread carefully.
These highly edited photos just.. might.. induce photosensitive epilepsy.

Oh well.

I wanted to make a record of this dress, so here it is - proof of its existence.
For they is gonna get slashed because of its unholy exaggerated shoulder - its 
like I got slapped across with a sunflower-filled wood board fer shoulders and
wood board because they are that stiff - so stiff and structured (in an amazing
way though - if that was what you wanted) that my sister gave me a slight wince
when I tried em' on and it just hit me - I HAVE PRETTY CARTOON-Y SUNFLOWERS

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Take a cue from Mr Walken.. (whose soundboard app I have on my phone - CAN -
YOU - BELIEVE - THAT????) there goes my public acknowledgement about how
much I adore this blessing of a human being. I know.. I know, how we folk tend
to get a bit blatant on our exaggerated profound/unprofound ways of idolizing
such and such.. but he is THE.. CHRISTOPHER WALKEN so.. this picture is from
one gem of a tumblr - so go snoop 
around while I go get some sleep.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

We're gonna have to get used to my poor picture editing skills unless I 
develop the knack for it. I wore this outfit to my aunt's place last night, 
except that my Steve Maddens were replaced by my Birkenstocks, so this
version would be for when I'd like to gussy up. My recent thriftin' jaunts
led me to this dress - the kind I have been searching for - fer a damn long
time actually. The length is ideal, and loose enough for when you want
to make a knot there like I did. The boxy bag is another story though,
more on that later. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Such a beaut. You Lilac/Lavender dress you. This color sort of struck me 
as being synonymous with weddings, a bridesmaids dress in particular. 
I should make it a point to wear it to one, a wedding, that is. Been awhile
since I stumbled upon a dress worth swooning over so this recent purchase
has definitely been worth the wait.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I need to wear my flatforms more often. I tend to forget just how 
much I love them. My Birkenstocks and other heel-less kicks usually
come in the way of everything else unless I need to gussy up and 
adorn myself with that much needed extra, extra inch. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

These pictures would sum up the week - from the lamp post on our 
balcony against the skies that stretch beyond infinity, to spotting
this spotty little bug on one of the curtains in the living room. 
Me and Mum making beef noodles one lazy Sunday afternoon. 
And more noodles that I prepared on my own -  it's like I've 
declared it noodle week or something. It's actually been pork porn
this whole time on the food front. And rain that's been lashing
at my room window the past few days. Be dumping more stuff 
from my instagram page. Now this troll is off to get some shut
eye. X_X

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wouldn't it be just grand? To be able to walk all stealthy?
With a signpost on your head that says - " hot babe cometh near " ??
Or " hot stealthy babe cometh near " ? I still can't get over an 
outfit that has some stealth to it, like an outfit shrouded in 
mystery. It probably has to do with the person wearing it.

Slipping on this black slip is as simple as slipping out from it. 
My roommate is bored to death of the thing cause I wear it so often.
She sort of gives me this look, like a schmuck shrug which I
know she'll be doing if she were to see this post right now.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer home is no doubt exponentially awesome-er than the capital's searing heat, further allowing me to wear this black dress that would have been otherwise impossible. I'm sure I would end up looking like I just walked out the door of some voodoo cult meet.. maybe not. Purchased these Zara heels after much thought which I haven't been able to forget because of the nude and orange color blocking, never mind the smallest size being still a tad bit big for my pygmy feet dammit! Though a pair of sturdy flatforms or Nike sneaks would be more practical and ideal - we'll get to that. And referring to the second image up there, I finally got my copy of the FASHION coloring book by Carol + Lulu of luluandyourmom who has been and still is one of my favorite bloggers around. I definitely recommend getting this. And how, again, exponentially awesome is the cover for the prequel to pride and prejudice and zombies -  Dawn of the Dreadfuls ?? It could be a bit gory and creepy, that zombie girl staring at you with those bloodshot eyes but somehow, I've never seen a more prettier zombie girl who's definitely going to grow into one terrifying zombress.