Friday, November 16, 2012

A bit of a burgundy trail here on today's photo diary.
This post for me is a documentation of some of the things that make me crane my neck and squeal out 'oh how I love you!! SHIIIT!'. Recent purchases. Like for instance, when I wear my sweater up there, I feel a fuzzy, giddy warmth somewhere in my temples. Clothes do that to you. No shit. And while we're on that, you really want to know how I feel like when I wear that cap? Not initially but this is what happened.

Brother: What the...... Jeez you look like a militant idiot with that cap on!

Me: Uhhh... Pft. 

This is proof your brother will make fun of anything you wear and mostly because they love to annoy the hell out of you so having shared that little anecdote, I sometimes wonder if I really look like a militant when I'm out and about. Let me know if you see me around yeah?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Matahari on the rooftop.

No I didn't actually go berserk on the rooftop.
Assuming the general public probably might reject that sort of behavior.
And definitely no stomping.
Maybe AIR GLIDING as seen below..

I actually feel like Matahari - head gear and all, with me necklace a-dangling up there on me little head, which reminds me I did the exact same thing for my college graduation's  formal night, getting a necklace and sticking pins at the back of my head to hold it and with my mum's necklaces when I was much younger, obviously fascinated by the traditional Indian 'tikka' head gear as I would like to call it. I swear i did not know what they were called at that tender age. I have been meaning to get one for a long time so until that fateful day arrives, this mega bling-ed out blinder will have to suffice. I remember my mum giving me that weird look at the Zara store when I asked her If I could buy the necklace - reason one being 'oh child, I didn't know you had taken a sudden fancy to jewelry? or reason two 'where are you ever gonna wear this much bling on your otherwise "I'm a beggar/picnic-y attire" ?? She says that all the time, and a horde of my cousins and relatives. Sometimes they're baffled by the fact that I just prefer a one-colored navy sweater like the one I'm wearing above there with a simple straight-cut skirt, also, above in the picture with no pom poms hanging loose on the edges.
                So it's pretty nice to be able to revisit that childhood activity of picking your mum's necklaces and pretend you were an Indian princess/warlord with my neckie-necklace and wearing it with staples like my navy sweater there. I am all for mixing it up, there's a joy in there like no other, like having your favorite meal spread out on the table except they aren't edible. And speaking of edible, there's dinner to chow down. 

Have a great evening.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Good afternoon. Hello. 
A little warning, this is an impromptu post.
Before we get back to the swing of things.

It's a bit disorienting, in that spine tingling sense actually! to be posting after months. 
I will owe the absence to a dozen reasons.. moving, then wanting to shut down ferr' a bit, super busy scurrying about with all the moving and loading and stocking and settling the 'load' and 'stocks' being acquired during the move and so on. And getting tired ..then lazy. And more lazy. Then your little sisters join you and amidst all the family gatherings where everyday is a feast, you proceed to stuff your face silly and you get FAT. Chubby to be more precise.
        I'M Here now, in woolies already. The second sweater I've purchased as winter's about to close in on us. BURGUNDY. BURGUNDY. BURGUNDY. This was actually supposed to go - GREY. GREY. GREY... but I'm really keen on getting burgundy supplies at the moment so grey will have to take a setback for now. I'm pretty finicky when it comes to embracing new colors so I'm going to narrow it down to just burgundy sweaters and who knows, a half section of my wall will turn burgundy by the end of November.