Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I don't think the novelty of a polka-ed dress, or for that matter, even a polka-ed curtain could ever wear off. Like my wee ol' grandma would go "get me anything floral or polka" whenever I'd ask her what sort of clothing she'd like. And my opinion could most certainly be affected by the obvious fact that I, too, am a sucker for a bit of a polka fest here and there so yes, YES to dots! Winter's slowly breezing in and lately my shoe uniform has consisted of these boots which were procured way back during the summer which, I kind of thought was absurd at the time but then, really not when it's the right kind of sturdy and it would be preferable if I did not start on the other countless reasons why I'm crazy about them cause that would just go on and on..

The right sturdy?? In CAPS?? Really?? Haha
Until then, have a good night Kids!

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Anu Workmail said...

From the time I ever understood the concept of blogging, "Lahlahishere" has been my most favorite one. The first and last read of the day. Absolutely love how you write and always wait for the next post to come. Post soon Esther:)