Monday, April 30, 2012

SO this is one take on the dress from my previous post. Throw it in with my trusty black boots, sheer nude colored socks and my white sling bag keeps the whole outfit fresh because you don't really want those heavy boots to ruin its whole summer-esque vibe yeah?
This is the perfect song to just sort of shimmy or goof around to in this outfit.
HAPPY Listenin' folks!

Friday, April 27, 2012



I got all busy on Instagram and started editing these pictures that I had taken a few days back. BUT NOT officially putting up my pictures there as yet. The above can't exactly be categorized as 'new' now, more like two months old. I decided the boyfriend's tripod would do great for an impromptu hanger. I wanted to EAT that shirt when I saw it the first time. And I still do. Gives me the tummy jiggles. And fact NO. 1 for that dress?? I wore it for days and slept in it. And PEOPLE! If all you good folks were me, you'd know that is one damn good score - 'when she can sleep in it' but not that shirt there, I have NOT come to terms with how much I spent on it. Student budget issues phffshh.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ah. Tavi makes my heart squirm.
This lookbook for Wren's Fall 2012 collection encapsulates every look, fashion wise, that I have been falling hard for which apparently Tavi herself has been championing lately. And regarding the mood? Oh boy.. am I transfixed with how it all meshes with the senses on a completely personal level though.. and just in time for the April showers we have been lashed with here in the capital as of late.