Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hey-low. Have you guys watched the movie Ramona?
I did and I came up with this conclusion after watching the movie.
Oh. Even while watching the movie. Just to be precise.
Ramona + Tavi Gevison = Tavi/Ramona?? ..that did not make sense but throughout the whole movie I was zigzagging from Tavi, then Ramona and Tavi again. When Ramona would talk or play out her part, it even felt like Tavi was mouthing out the words but it was actually Ramona of course. TRIPPY. 
And it would be real cool if Tavi could take on Ramona's character and do a blog post someday.
Or better, If only I could put the two of em' together and peer at the similarities with a huge ass magnifying glass if the similarities turn out to be microscopic. Somehow, I can imagine the three of us letting out a squeal in a great, big chorus. Anyhoo, I actually went to the extent of making a collage of the two kids.
You see the resemblance?

Next up, I have Taylor Tomasi Hill. And this recent outfit picture of her is a further confirmation as to why I love her style. Mixing awesome Kicks and even awesome-err gray attire like that is well, cool in my book however cliche that sounds. Its always such a beautiful mix with all the right components and a little bit of a surprise here and there. She's my favourite storm trooper at the moment and well, because I always feel like one when I go out in whatever I wear. Connie said that once, who is one of my favourite blabbers?? in the fashion world, couldn't agree more. Because either one or more of the stuff that I put on is a wee bit big, like something is trailing behind you, and in my case, something HAS GOT TO leave a trail, most times. Even if it is just my backpack. Camouflage-ic reasons mostly and that implies knowing what kind of body you have.

I like anything thats STACKED.
A stack of books. A stack of clothes?? Haha
A stack of watches, boxes, music cds, vinyl records, trunks, paper.
I've obviously made my point. 
And if I was a 5'9-err, I would probably be stacked with a ton of coats during winter which I can't, owing to my present height which would leave me looking like a ridiculous barrel.
OH, I love stacking my belts together and here's a pretty neat stacked inspiration...of BELTS!

And little old me that I decided to include at the last minute. Was on my way to Connaught Place for a treat that we literally begged. Aaaand it just hit me that this was the first outfit I wore on this blog! Did alotta storm-trooping that day.
Thanks for reading.
Image source: streetfsn, afterDRK.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Navy velvet jacket. My pride and joy. Glistening against the sun.
I got a lot of Vitamin D today, shit pretty day.
I want orange hair, as far as hair color is concerned.
OH, got a neat caption for the second picture by a friend.
I quote, " The Badass Don't give no shit thug walk. "