Thursday, June 2, 2011

Who'd think that I'd ever put these on? Them cat-eyed blinders. 
In the life of little old me, blinders/sunglasses/shades are procured on a  whim and forgotten about in a week or 2 weeks at the most. I just gave away my John Lennon-ish ones to my friend. THOUGH I would really like to own Ray Ban's Clubmasters, which would definitely not end up as a giveaway. So I got these on another fleeting whim since they looked a bit wacky and redeem myself as the new alien wacko cat. MRAOW. Plus it'd come in handy for props like when you wanna take pictures that border on narcissism or because you're just bored.
And this would be the scared alien wacko cat. MIAUU.
1. I did not know I was capable of making a face like that. SCARED might not probably be the right description. My eyes fail me and that looks like a nose job.
2. Matted hair and no I'm not going to dye my roots. Not yet. And they're from Aldo, so go getcha' some and you might just discover all the various faces you can pull off.
3. I don't do my eyebrows. Hence bushmen brows.


Lobeni Lesley. said...

Meow meow.

Word. I don't do eyebrow either.
We be rockin' bushmen dudettes.


The Billet-Doux said...

I've been dyinggg for these Alexander Wang ones! Are these from Aldo!?

lahlah said...

Oh so these are Wang Knockoffs.. Yep they are. Go getcha some (:

Masoom R. Minawala said...

They are SO cool! I want x

Do stop by my Dorothy Perkins giveaway!

Pithsala said...

Bushmen. LOL. How cute.
And Rayban Clubmasters all the way! Love them to insanity