Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sneaking up on just the upper half of my new dress. Cannot wait to get in them though I have to admit with all the pigging its more than unflattering around the umm.. lower abdomen/tush area. GET TO THE RUNNER YOU! If you get my point yeah? And that is my sister, Daisy, like the flower. Woopsiedaisies, YES. In all her false lash-y glory which I probably wouldn't have the patience for myself, getting icky with all that adhesive you have to dab on. Tried em' once though, got as far as only my left eye, with her oh-so serious face an inch away from mine, peering and working her hands with the falsies on my lids was more than enough for me to let out a cackle and a guffaw... We just gave up.

The usual head down pose, a repeat from one of my earlier outfit posts. Thought I'd do a rerun since I hadn't put this up at the time. Like do a go-back and put up certain pictures that got omitted in the first place, other than for reference. AND OH because I've developed this mediocre habit of re-snapping pictures that I've taken as well as taking to playing ANGRY BIRDS when I'm real angry and stretching that slingshot as far as it'll go AND BAM! She SCORES. Taking over The Sims and Plants VS Zombies for awhile now, which are the only games I'm mildly adept at. AND we'll probably never know what its like to be boys and wear slasher skinny jeans looking real cool and grim sitting on the gray-est of pavements.
(last image via streetfsn)


lavogue-ish7 said...

Oh yeah the fake lashes...Tried and failed too, worked out once but not anymore:((will try harder). I have this serious crush for that jacket of yours.serious.
And I can't seem to cross stage 2 in angry birds.The rage thing huh. Should try that.

lahlah said...

thanks Renee :) your response to the old outfit was what i was aiming at..will definitely wear it again in a new post with something different :)

Lobeni Lesley. said...

Angry Birds? Done and Dusted and I play it over and over and over again still ! haha ...

Lashes? I have no lashes. :X

Your sis looks so gorgeous !


Naaz said...

I love your red jacket ! What was the name of the post? I need to read what you're wearing and from where ! I play Sims all the time. Its addictive being God :P