Monday, June 27, 2011

First you have me there looking all sombre, eyes cast down.
Second you have me sitting down just so you can zoom in on the nude and black bits.
Third.. I think I was doing an impromptu jive for when I would do an actual jiving-about-in-the-streets, giving it a little mock test drive which explains the gliding about.


Shoppingaholic said...

I would love to see the details of your shoes!!

shibboo said...

hey, i love your Blog!
could you please tell me some shops in delhi which sell flats/platforms/hels for cheap(really) prices in Delhi.
Also, what's the best place to buy clothes(sarojini or kamla market) in delhi?(my college is bout to begin thi july.....)

lahlah said...

Clothes as well as cheap shoes you can find em' all at saro or kamla :)