Tuesday, May 31, 2011

AND I'm back on the blog radar!
Was honing in on my migration/isolation skills for a bit there.
And back home now so no weather/exam rut I was talking about earlier. OH YEAH.
1. JC Clinic Knockoffs.
2. Shorts Galore. Only 99 bucks each. 
3. My 16 year old sister's mood board.Teenage Dream. See that stuck on with the red and yellow pins? How apt is that?
You can expect to see me lunging my foot forward with that space shoe menace above soon. 
So white which is SIC. Right about now, it's windy and foggy back here in the hills and I'm off to read The Myth of Penelope and Odysseus. I probably should put on Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero's 'Home' if you get my drift ..just rubbing it in. HOME. HELL YEAH! 


Bonniela said...

WHERRRRE did you get those shorts????? :o

Shoe- I LOVE!
And welcome back! Missed you. :)

lahlah said...

THANKS! im sure you notice the rack in kamla with all the shorts near the pavement?? from there..go get yours! :)

Pajama Diaries said...

I LOVE THE SHOES!!!! i want them baddddddd!!!
I am in love with all 'clear' things!! they are gorgeous!!
And you shorts are so cute!!!