Friday, June 17, 2011

Apparently I got a bit too excited with my kid sister's denim jacket, strewn with patches all over and inducing a somewhat teen nostalgia and my mother's collection of similar patches in all shapes and designs if a need would arise to patch certain parts of our garments when we were kids...  and my sleeping brother caught unaware and unknowingly included as a result of my traipsing about before hitting the snooze button. Seemed a little bizarre to pair it with my shorts, a crazy swirl of florals but decided that the two would bond in their mismatched union. Then a less casual pair up with the black fitted skirt and an even more fitted mini coat under the jacket and stressing on fitted is a result that I have been pigging on food..glorious food. AND TEEN VOGUE, another nostalgic reminder of school or what the Olsen twins were before The Row happened. I've been forever planning to do a post about it but met with delays because I have to shuttle between where I am right now and where I study which means your possessions shuttle about too back and forth and that all 'THE' possessions are not stacked in one place like your head is at a certain time. Okay. They're precious like Smeagol going 'my precious' not in terms of being materialistic but I grew up with these, gave me a sufficient dose of Marc Jacobs and led me to Arcade Fire when they started out. And any ardent fan of the band would have to admit how cool their contributors are - not just fashion wise, and the above is one of my favourite editions, Natalie Portman before Black Swan.

I will be hosting a very exciting giveaway very soon which I'm pretty flabbergasted about so I'll need you guys to up your antennas in the days to come.
Have a Happy Weekend (:


Lobeni Lesley. said...


that denim jacket is the shit with those badges sewed at the back! and your new shoes = love!
I AWAIT your giveaway!


Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

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