Monday, July 2, 2012

This post sure looks like it could be titled the backpack chronicles.
I'm gonna be packing it up really nice believe you me.
It's something to get jittery and super excited when you chance upon that 
dreamy little bag you have been hankering over BUT IT'S ANOTHER THING 
when that bag is so easily acquired because all it took was going thrift-in'
and there's always the thrill of the hunt - which makes it more personal, 
special and memorable. Like that day when a bunch of us were sitting around 
this sack full of soft toy goodies squealing and guessing which character was 
which while the owner sat knitting away oblivious. AND oh yeah, s-l-a-s-h-e-d prices.
And what else?

- A genuine Prada Nylon Backpack. Still in amazing condition.
Don't forget the little guy up there.

And then there was a Comme des Garcons. Comme des F*** DOWN. Haha.
I HAD TO add that.
So maybe the title 'the backpack chronicles' wont really work now.
My grandma did say the bag would be great for grocery shopping.

No idea if this one's authentic.
Tip: When going a-thrifting and especially for bags, don't start
squealing yet when you find a certain fancy name on it. Peek 
inside and take a closer look at the lining and zipper details.
You'll definitely know if it's a copy or not. And certainly no
squealing just cause there's a fancy name.

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Kathy Noto said...

hee, I love them backpacks. I'm on a hunt for some backpacks myself. And I do a tiny squeal whenever I find something with a fancy label. Like that Lanvin envelope clutch I once scored for a little over a dollar. Thrifting is awesomesauce.