Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is it obvious enough who I'm channeling today?
Pin straight hair, that somewhat infamous barrette.
I'm going to call it The Margot Tenenbaum Series.
And I've decided on it being a regular fixture here.
Another reason in pushing the term - playing dress up.

And this is what Margot might have worn when she was seventeen.
Supposing it was a library trip to get hold of Chekhov's books?

It's actually pretty great that in the movie, all the characters wore mostly the
same outfit or there would be tiny variations here and there - like when Chas
Tenenbaum, Margot's brother switched to the black colored Adidas tracksuit at
their father's funeral. I never saw that coming and I thought it was so clever.
So I've been wondering what would Margot wear besides her usual uniform of 
that Fendi fur coat and the sky blue Lacoste tennis dress. Between the two, I'd
personally never wear the dress cause I have not yet found an affinity for the
color blue. That particular blue on her dress. Strictly clothes wise yeah? And 
I'm not sure if I would wear what I'm wearing up there. It's a bit constrained.

Please note:
1. I have the required hair length at present.
2. So point number 1 really got me excited to do this series.
3. Did take out your standard straightening tongs for a more precise copy of Margot's hair.
4. I have been collecting pretty, tacky looking barrette/hair clips.
5. I know Margot would have loved the cardigan up there.


rohinie said...


lazymanxcat said...

haha ... I assure you, Margot WILL be proud!! I await thy series. :) And you have no idea how glad I am that you're on a blogging frenzy. xx

Pajama Diaries said...

so cool!

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

A few things I understand in this post:

1)Andrew Tanenbaum - famous in the Computer Science world. It's even spelled the same :)

2) Adidas - No doubt about it

3) Lacoste - The Croc

4) Cardigan - Why don't we just stick to sweater.

Oh man, I am so lost!

apparelninjas said...

It's a bit constrained' you say. But totally FAB! Love the blue cardigan against the dark skirt. And the look on your face, priceless! :) Do share your style tips with us at our blog here: