Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bare-midriffin' it.
And don't start conjuring images of a raincoat.. not just yet.
It only LOOKS like one. 
For if I was to take this baby out when it's pouring cats and dogs, sea urchins
and baby octopuses and such - I'd be drenched right down to my little toes. 
It really does justice to impersonating your average raincoat but making it
more wearable  and I love that it's a bit deceiving to the eye. In this pretty
shade of orange and A HOOD! YES! *stealth* Roomy pockets, and for when
you've concocted that layer on layer ensemble and you want to finish it off
with something?? Hint, hint. Can you tell I'm excited? I'll always love a good
mix and this is the perfect ingredient.

Current vibes include the above pastel yellow skirt. And everything 
else pastel yellow-y. I seem to have forgotten that 'gray' is my favorite
color. On a side note, my Sunday afternoon consisted of sleeping, well, 
the entire afternoon and eating cream colored mangoes in my dreams 
that had blue swirls in em' - pretty trippy. 

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