Saturday, October 15, 2011

DOODLING AND MOOCHING around to these over the weekend.

The last song by CULTS was suggested by a reader.
Thanks Amanda! 


katya said...

esther..umm i know its pretty random n this aint the best place to ask this but curiosity is slowly killing this u board the metro from green i think i saw u one day n so did my sis(on different occasions)..was dying to rant all about how much i love ur blog,but u had headsets plugged in n u wr busy wid ur tablet..TT.TT

lahlah said...

I probably did, could you specify when? like what I was wearing?? HAHA... and thank you (: and i wouldve probably gotten all flustered if you did.. im supershy

katya said...

u had braided ur fringe n u wore somethin realy girly, a blouse n a skirt i has been more than a fortnight:D omo!!i hope i bump into u again^^ i acted all strange trying to slyly recognize dumb haha