Saturday, October 1, 2011

Some of my favorite things at the moment. I almost missed out on this book, I was about to give up my search when fate intervened I suppose? Muehehe. We've all had our divine feminist awakenings, mine in full throttle during college plus most of the texts we studied had to do a whole lot with women's issues and such. It was a good pounding, all of it. Girls go get your copy. AND this pencil's always on the go when I'm propped up with a book in my hand. Favorite M.A.C lippy-ty-stick at the moment, I get Megamind-happy when I wear this. And surprisingly my mum's as well as almost everyone's hygienic habit of carrying your average wet wipes has caught up with me though these are for ga-ga-gooey babies but aren't they all the same?
And since I was blabbering away about Murakami's books in the last post, these are most of the lot that i spent doodling and mooching around on recently. 

The illustrations on this recent publication of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland are pretty wicked, by Camille Rose Garcia and I did creepily stroke the jacket when I got it. And well, I guess you guys are all aware of my penchant for zombies. It has this battery powered sound module with ten different phrases and a huge 'B' that lets out the BRRAAIINS growl when you press it, a Zombarista where you order lattes .. I mean, SHIT! Right?? Scared my sister the other day when she was sleeping. 
New in. A dress I got at Saro for a little over a hundred bucks.

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