Saturday, October 22, 2011

i-D the dreams and aspirations issue.

i-D has always been a favorite, a magazine that not only prioritizes fashion but youth and cultural issues and politicizing these different aspects together into creating something that can inspire and reform. I remember my sister getting her first copy when we were in schooand she was elated about it cause her sort of hero Agyness Deyn was on the cover because she has an affinity for androgyny and dr martens boots and such.. but the price for the magazine we have to shell out is more than stifling, or it could contribute to the fact that we even treasure it all the more because of that. This issue is so beautiful. The dreams and aspirations issue. Hence evident of why I would use 'beautiful' as an adjective to describe it. Featuring new bands that I love like CULTS, to be able to finally have an evidence of their existence on print and not wait for them to go mainstream because all the rihannas are clogging up too many pages. And 90s band SUEDE's Brett Anderson's interview was sort of nostalgia inducing again. Growing up, my older cousins would listen to them a lot, Pulp, Blur - that school of popular Britpop music at the time and I'm having these fuzzy flashbacks of when we were kids, running around the rooms and their songs literally reverberating throughout the house, especially the youtube video I've attached under the page picture I've taken of Brett's interview. Still one of my favourite songs. 
Referring to the first image up above is the article by Susan Corrigan with references to the recent English Riots, among other things, of a reconstitution in society with regard to our dreams and aspirations as members of a collective society was so endearing and thought-provoking and central to what i-D stands for as a magazine. AND onto something else unrelated though definitely does tally on the lines of nostalgia is the picture below, I was scrolling through old pictures so just popping this in..
This is me from 2007 outside McDonalds.


suze-me said...

i-D is a wonderful magazine!

lavogue-ish7 said...

ah....I do like the 2007 you. :D
And I loved the suede too, Brett Anderson's face poster on my scrapbook? I think so. LoL.

derek said...

omg i had to get the Carine Roitfeld cover when this issue came out!!! i'm in love with this issue. I find it so inspiring. I-d is such a great magazine!