Friday, April 22, 2011

This feels a bit subdued compared to the last two posts which were otherwise intense.. INTENSE in mammoth proportions OH YEAH. All that print and color and what Lesly thought was a cosco ball. Haha. Yeah. That had to come eventually. And getting comments like 'oh blimey!you look like a girl from a painting!' no doubt one of the spontaneous reactions generated by that floral mayhem of a dress I called a visual treat.
Still a visual treat yeah? So coming back to this current post, yesterday had a lot to do with running around with  one of my best friends who's in town. AND BOY DID WE RUN AROUND. Grabbing whatever time we had in between to take these shots and complaining incessantly about how the lighting sucked, which pretty much exposes our poor skills when you have daylight in full bloom seeping through your skin. More complaints about how our old college had renovated their grounds because what we knew and saw before was altered, in a way that failed to include us. Or so we thought. 
Our only solace would have been the pale apple green door I'm standing in front of.
We adored it. We'd open it and maybe have our own Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole moment. 
Wearing a onesie swimsuit as a top, they go perfectly when you're wearing a skirt with that much volume and length. My friend up above there is all summer bound with an easy breezy top and classic denim shorts. Her Keds and my boots sure did get us rolling through the day.


lavogue-ish7 said...

oh! the one too...from sarojini..;)
btw your locks looks lovely and that watch..blimey!..flashy or wat!love it..:D

lahlah said...

Same place I got mine! :)

Lobeni Lesley. said...

I love the skirt!!
Why does the backdrop remind me of St.Stephens? O.o

And I love em shots!!

I kinda wanna save all your pictures into a "lahlah" folder.


rohinie said...

love your skirt...
and ur hair and the color of it:)

Laura said...

OH man I love your skirt!!!! It's awesome!!!

LiveLoveDressup said...

I love the new hair! and those shoes! <3

Ziortza said...

love the skirt!

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Love your skirt n bag!!!
Kidswear at Fashion Panache

Claire Alexandra said...

loving your style and your blog!