Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Oh, you have to watch it! It’s on in America, it’s a reality show. They snare pedophiles. They go online and pretend to be little boys and girls, and they get these pedophiles to come to this fake suburban house. And then this guy walks in called Chris Hansen and collars them. And then, when they try to walk out, these police officers jump on them! Aw, it’s the best thing. I mean, these poor guys, it’s not like they’re armed. I mean, they’re horrible, but they’re basically just sad, pathetic men … And they’ve got this guy who’s dressed in army camouflage, with leaves on his outfit, who hides in the bushes, leaps out and throws them to the ground. The Leaf Man! Oh, it’s so good. That’s what I want to do. I want to play the fake child on To Catch A Predator. No, wait! I want to play the Leaf Man!"
Carey Mulligan describing the show To Catch A Predator.
Via fuckyeahcarey.tumblr.com
And DARTH VADER free styling. Is this it or IS THIS IT?

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Lobeni Lesley. said...

I just downloaded the Lightsaber app on my iTouch.
Darth Vadar has a hauntingly soothing HOT voice.
I need to watch Star Wars. Again.

May the force be with you!

*Lightsaber crackles*