Friday, April 1, 2011

A slew of inspiration pictures.
1. Miu Miu Fall 2011 
2. Hedi Slimane photography
3. Kid Cudi working his magic.
4. I could do leopard ..BUT in small doses.
5. Carey Mulligan can do no wrong. She's dating Marcus Mumford now which is Su-weet!
6.The perfect mustard sweater I never found despite major scouring across town. 
7. Rochas
8. Major choke on bling.
9.  Voldymorty. SIC.
10. Nam of streetfsn could take over tommy ton. SSHHHH
11. Chick's so old school. Cool kicks over heels any day.  
12. THE TOWN. Jeremy Renner. Nuns with guns. I've watched this movie more than 50 times. I don't kid.
(image source:,,,,, ..the rest, I really can't remember the source)


Laura said...

100% amazingness!!!!!!!!!

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Love the Miu Miu & the leopard print cape is great!!!
The 8-piece skirt

oomph. said...

#1, 4, & 8 are doable!!

Lobeni Lesley. said...

haha .. I LOVE 12!!
then 9 takes the crown cuz well ... Anything Potter realted ... its gotta be loved.
and completely agree with 10!


Lini Trinh said...

i like those pictures very much <3

augustalolita said...

wonderful photos!! love the 4th one, her leopard sweater is so cute <3