Thursday, March 10, 2011


I spent the latter half of the day laughing silly to lines such as these..
" Like the elevator business, being a writer has its ups and downs. At least I made my last name sound aristocratic. That should get me laid. " 
" I don't know what's going on, but in a typically feminine manner I'll allow confusion and being flustered to make me cry up a storm. " 
Although I'm tempted to jot down the more obscene lines, thou shall not. You might reckon they're jolly good lines. Nothing better than a hip re-interpretation of the classics eh? Injecting words such as BTW, iphone, WTF to your outdated classics is like snoop dizzling as Snoop Dogg would say. I always wish he'd be my uncle. And the irony is that I do have an uncle who resembles the West Coast rapper. TING! 
You might prolly find me listening to these if you were snooping outside my room right now.
Strokes fan anyone?


Amrita said...

Bruises by Chairlift is one of my faves!

The Strokes song is also fab...:)

lahlah said...

Yay :D