Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get shirty.

This could be my favourite shirt yet. I got it just yesterday.
Made quite a dash to see what I can churn out of it pronto.
I improvised a bit by coiling one of my belts round and round my wrist as it were a snake.
Then got into character.. Head bowed down. The usual.

Then like a frickin' bolt out of the blue I realized this supposed churning had to eventually take place. You'd think it was something premeditated. I was just about to publish this but then went off veering around recent inspiration pictures from the bulk of my files and then BAM! I saw something all too familiar. Apparently this image had been lodged somewhere deep in the crevasses of my brain and all it required was for me to purchase a similar sheer shirt?? That is some eerie, trippy telepathy. I still don't buy that but what the heck. I probably should have edited the picture the other way round.
You see what I mean??                                             tommy ton for


Laura said...

I love your sheer shirt! The color is so pretty!

Rebecca said...

I love sheer shirts,,, and polka dots, also I love your hair colour! do you dye? If you do, what brand do you use??

lavogue-ish7 said...

but your blouse did the better job to hers...!!..and that hair is a total kickass..(shit)

Pithsala said...

I love sheer shirts!
And I so get what you mean about the 'trippy telepathy' thing.
Happens to me too, without realizing it.

Anonymous said...

your outfits are so simple and neat yet super stylish!
love it :)

lahlah said...

@Rebecca.. Thanks..I used Revlon for this!

I usually dont reply to every comment here cept' for the ones in my mailbox but appreciate the feedback. Thanks :)

Amrita said...

ooohh! Nice!

Anonymous said...

Love you're shirt and the way you carry it off!

Lo said...

you cute, curious little thing you.