Monday, March 7, 2011

I have another set of  "oh here is me looking down at my shoes, or staring at my toes" pictures again.
Just to warn you.
M - O - N - O - T - O - N - Y. 
Anyways. Let us CTFO. That was solely addressed to me. 
I wanted to let you guys have a peek at these before I bundle and stuff em' away.
But before that, the first picture - of what seems like a cardboard cutout of a distorted being is the result of being bored. Bored to the extent that you think you're an 'artist' and that you can create something 'artistic' out of your regular boxy Neutrogena packaging. That is one of the irks about our generation. We throw the word 'artist' around. Like you've had one too many Kfc burgers and you're tired of processed food and you let out a groan.
I thought my little Santi Claus would give our new friend some company.
IT is wearing my Mac lipstick. And currently reading the book they're standing on.
Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. Young zombie love. The first of its kind.
Because R is a zombie who falls in love with the very much alive - Julie. Brain intact and all.
Tricky title. Tummy jiggles. Zombie apocalypse anyone?
This sweater reminded me of the Mulleavy sisters. Maybe its the meshy vibes I'm getting.
Was about to sneeze here. A big one. Dotted all over with these tiny glassy beads.
This one's got tiny holes here and there but I really don't mind. I love the chunky royal looking buttons.
Its always hard to squeeze in a decent outfit picture before heading out so these were some of the few woollens that got slaughtered out in the cold. I'll try and fit in another round before I stash em away fer good.

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Lo said...

D: ... I want to see full outfit posts of you in all 3!!

And btw: your hair colour = Major MAJOR likes! ^_^