Thursday, March 24, 2011

Other than 'lahlah' being my nickname, I have another nickname.
It's a bit obscure. I'm not even 25 yet. Heck, that still doesn't count.
Before the term 'Grandma chic' had been re-instated as, well.. chic, I've always been more inclined towards that sort of chic-ness. The reason for which is 'Grandma' clothes or the whole look for me is clothing that translates ease, comfort. Nothing constricting, age appropriate for those frail nerves. And because I'm La-to-the-zy. There was something eerily assuring about that plain, old-y mold-y look. One could not possible fathom the tummy jiggling euphoria that passed over me when this reinstatement took place - that of grannychic. And if you'll let me digress a bit here, that is why I love fashion - it's such a beautiful evolution. I just sounded corny. Daaa 

And coming back to subject, the other nickname is well, G-R-A-N-D-M-A. Or A-P-I in my lingo. Though it's not really because of the way I tend to dress when I get on my G-Ma funk. Over the years of assessing and re-assessing why so many of my relatives and friends call me that, I still haven't figured this one. And upon interrogation, and I promise I did not point a gun to their face, they tell me it has to do with the way I move around or do certain things..or pick-up another bunch of certain things. Or a more forward reply - "You act old. " So two years back, one of my friends and the friend does call me by that same nickname suggested this blog of errm.. old ladies, a thousand other Grandmas doing their thang called created by Ari Seth Cohen. She thought it was on par with my almost infamous nickname that Iv'e lugged around with me for years now and is one of my favourite blogs up to date. Old-y mold-y is definitely not their cuppa' tea for them ladies that led me to re-assessing the whole term 'grannychic' that has garnered almost cult status among us fashion warlords. Then with my grand oratory skills (felt like I was giving a speech to prove my point - of why granny or grannychic runs a bit deeper at lahlahishere) on the subject given, henceforth we shall move on to this awesome fo' shizz epic short film that led me here when I was in the midst of doing my term paper, bloglovin'-in, shooting the shit with my sister's estranged boyfriend, gorging on my favourite sticky rice and now bugging out of my op. 

" I think it's fun to dress up. It's an exercise in creativity and it makes you feel better. Sometimes you're in a funk and you put something on and throw yourself around.. " DOES NOT that sound all too familiar??


Anonymous said...

love that they dress up and have fun with fashion!!!

Amrita said...

love the old lady blog!

imna said...

saw your blog via skinny boys via lazymanxcat ...

awesome blog. instant fave.

lahlah said...

thankiuu imna (: