Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wait up (Boots of Danger)

Is that a headless dudette??? 
So this outfit is basically about what you can do with your regular, over sized cardie.
Wore my sheer nude-y top over it and pretty much transforms into something else, which is what sort of gets me going about clothes. Toss it like salad and you've got a new dressing everyday no? A bit too formal with 'the only pair of boots I own' but it was another whip up for a zine titled Holiday Look so.. I like that it gives off a sturdy effect though! And Dalki intervened, injected a little color because maybe I found it a bit too dull. Its funny to think but I can picture myself kicking ass on the streets IF, suppose I had an attacker and I would beat the crap outta 'the attacker' with my boxy bag of course AND the boots! Just saying. Its also funny how your imagination takes flight when you bring in words like 'boots' and 'sturdy' and I'm conjuring images in my head of the scene already. Full outfit below.

Its only on the weekends
Only on the television screens
Always with your girlfriends
Always with your conversations
Making up for lost time, making it with me
Wait up!
Great band. Great video. Great song.


Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Soft hued outfit with a bright red bag!!! Perfacto!!!
Bride's maid outfit

Rebecca said...

that sweater is crazy beautiful!

Rosa said...

Love this outfit and the bag contrast is perfect



My Stylish Little Secret

Azure said...

Awesome sweater and looved how you teamed it up with the top! Cuute! <3

LuLu said...

Love the sweater =)

CC said...

Where are the boots from? They're amazing! Xx

LiveLoveDressup said...

Innvotaive outfit, you look adorable and the bag is just the right pop of colour!
The boots are really something else :)


*rin* said...

you're on the cut!

indi said...

oooh your layers drive me crazy!!


i agree with the first commenter. your photos are soft hued! it is beautiful! i love it ..and im diggin your boots! <3

Bente said...

Great outfit. Especially the rose shirt.
By the way ... I love your music taste.


Bente said...

Great outfit. Especially the rose shirt.
By the way ... I love your music taste.


vogueish said...

love the pastel blouse on the look great...!!!!!

Tessa said...


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A Lot Like Fashion said...

Love the frills on the cardigan! :) Also the bright red bag! :)
Great blog! :)

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Enamodeuse said...

Love the outfit, the tee and booties rule!!:D

sandhyaa said...

super chic !
booties lovely !!