Monday, November 8, 2010

Sssup boys and girls.
Took a sick leave and I'm back, still coughing my lungs out though.
A-khhhhh! A-khuhhh.. *wheeze*.. *wheeze*..and still wheezing. 
For today's post I wanted to bring back this old beautiful, vintage dress of mine and do two different takes on it. Wearing the same cardigan. 1 2 = do a knot. 3 4 = wear 3 belts over it. Or 5, or even 6. And for the third belt, I've used the one that came along with the dress, the hook fell out due to my sister's clumsy hands so had to do a knot with that too. The whole look reminds me of a kimono now no? 


Laura said...

Awesome!!! I love your layered belts, in my book the more the merrier =)

Laura said...

I'm so glad your better!!! being sick is the worst thing ever :(

lahlah said...

Yep.. I should stack up a dozen next time and thanks!

Ruhi said...

wow. I love what you do to the clothes, sort of deprettifying & adding ur own twist to it. BTW..there is a discount sale happening here, mayb u wud like to chk it out.

SaffronHaze said...

The pleats on that dress are beautiful! Great blog! I'm your new follower =)