Saturday, December 4, 2010

Barely awake but I still got my stripes

The holidays are near and this sweater is perfect, from H&M Spring 2011 Women.
Maybe I could get a similar one at the secondhand stores back home - fingers crossed!
This image is taken from Pascal Grob's which I frequent a lot. The kid's got a knack for documenting and every image cloistered on his blog seems to tally with what I love, either in apparel or mood or to sum up, the mere state of my existence, yeah go there -------->> Great Blog!
AND here we have the iconic Oliver Cromwell. Thought I'd read up on the man since it would give me more leverage with some of the bulk that is my books. History's great squabbles..yada yada. The illustrations are dead wack and I've been chuckling helluva lot, just saying its a good read. I'm having a bit of a blogger's block you could say, with my semester exams, not hitting the right notes with that either. Battling existentialism and I might just turn out to be as obscure as Cromwell minus the warts. Eurgh. AND I'm on a Tokyo Police Club trail so here's BAMBI. This song's A-Crackling!


Enamodeuse said...

Lovely tee, very original:D!

Anonymous said...

Amazing sweater! =)

H said...

That sweater is way hot!
I WISH there was H&M was in Indiaaaaa.

Maira Giosa said...

Hm...the man on the poster looks just lik GĂ©rard Depardieu lol


Masoom R. Minawala said...

Lovely blog! Following you :)

Check out my blog at :
-Masoom :)

pooja elangbam said...

omg! i totally follow fashion bits n bobs! i love ur quirky sense of style! its so unique!
been meaning to tell u but its funny hwo we seem to be reading the same books(museum of innocence) n gushing abt the same movies" an education". if u hv time, check out my blog

moasen said...

love ur style....totally unique and original...came across u in cosmo n ws ur blog...