Thursday, February 6, 2014


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Whewff. That was one long slew - never mind the amount of time I took to make just three of those collages.. wondering which to put which with and criss-crossing images back and forth so yes, this is THE BIG HAUL. I say that because due to the long absence, I felt I had to present a rather huge spread that would convey a more, decisive current state of mood, influences and fangirl-ing obviously with Ms. Hanneli, Tavi, Mia and Ali all up there. There was more trust me but I buckled so as not to muddle the whole post so this is the final filter. TADA! Winter hasn't left us beings yet so I'm still wearing a lot of fuzzy sweaters, bulky coats and more precisely big roomy coats like the last image up there - it's cold and there's nothing like wearing said coat because nothing else makes me feel more stealthy than that. Y'know.. like you're walking on the road and for me, to feel a bit of that glide along with each stride is the closest thing to feeling like a superhero. Superhero? Seriously? Ah, I guess what I meant was the way most superheroes have capes and well, I have my big coat. Anyway, yeah for stealth and anonymity mostly. 

And P.S. - Some of these images have been lodged here on my device for so long I can't remember all the sources so if there is a certain image that is yours please send me an email and I will give due credit. Thank you.

Until then.

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