Wednesday, February 19, 2014

1. Took these old Superstars out and wore them today after almost 5 years. I must have been loitering around in college the last time I wore these. I wonder where my first white pair is though..dumped somewhere in my old pg or wait.. I think I gave them to a rickshawala.. bless him. I kept this pair safe because it was a farewell gift from a good friend before she left for Canada. Oh say hello to my little octopus there stuck on the wall.. her name is Carmine. Michael wanted to call her Captain Floogles though, which is quite absurd. Anyway, ever since my Steven Pinker post I still am obsessive about these sea creatures. 

2. If you've seen my Instagram, you will most likely be aware of the fact that I've been flowerbombing a lot. Flowerbomb this. Flowerbomb that. Well, call it domesticity. The word is starting to annoy me because of my incessant use. What flower is this anyway? Anyone? 

1 comment:

Awono Ez said...

Es,I think it's the Sweet Alyssum:-)