Sunday, February 9, 2014

Margot and Airmax-ing

pictures via le fashion
Margot, Margot.. Dear Margot.
This editorial is beyond amazing. Btw, I haven't really gotten on the sneaker/running shoe bandwagon yet because I have never, ever liked sneakers in my entire life. I've always preferred canvas shoes over them and the day I bought my first Adidas Superstar when I was in school?? Oh boy - all jumpy and excited. And recently, maybe not so recently, I have fallen so hard for Nike's Airmax - The Airmax 1 to be specific. It's probably time to yield in yeah?   


Rose-et-Violet said... this editorial so much!
The Nike Airmax 1 is so great, good one to fall for! I have my eyes set on some Roche Runs...


Renee Nabam said...

yes! I just ordered a pair of the airmax 90, and yaa I'm not really into the whole sneaker thingy too but omg. I'm just gonna keep it in my room(room decor haha) and wear it in those rare moments of when I feel like running?

lahlah said...

I am not even gonna run in them! HAHA @renee

shophome philly said...

Great post! Nice shoes. A comfortable zappos shoes though? That is amazing. You have a great blog!! loved this post .
Where did you find these sneakers? I'm totally obsessed with them, but they are sold out everywhere?