Monday, September 6, 2010

Great excuse to blog.
Because I actually went out last night.
And because I wore ' THE ' red dress.
The only red dress I own in fact.
Oh and I remember talking about it once here.
That I would love to prance around in it when I got the chance.
Got the chance and I'm getting right down to it. 
Lo! And Behold ..made more intoxicatingly red-err because the pictures were all taken at sundown.
And NO.. I didnt get inked.

What I adore about this dress are the details you have around the collar area and at the bottom of the sleeves.
Gold colored threads sewn in.
A bit poofy at the shoulders. 
You got to have the poof. 
Can you see the buttons? 
Tiny poppy red. Like pea pods waiting to pop out any minute.
I think we did good on our first night out eh?

And I want to share this cute illustration of little me by a fellow blogger.
This was definitely a first. Thank you so much!
She didn't forget my headlights.
I like the mang-ly legs.. considering my real stou-ty legs.
And I get to be all cartoo-ny. Weeeeee :))

Oh and another shout out to Alissa Carter of for featuring me over at their Fashion Bloggers Q&A sesh. Thankyou!


Enamodeuse said...

Really cute dress! Love that red;)

Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

gorgeous dress!!!:) love the photos too:)

Street Style said...

love the sexy with the gold can one ever go wrong with this classic combination..

Stephen NY Lotha said...

cute dress . i hope your blog doesnt take the same route as the other blogs have i.e. dwell on regular, uninspire the uninspired, lack of substance, i write this because i follow it. i like the good things.