Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lets go back to Proenza Schouler's Spring 2008 RTW.
Something about Lazaro's name would stay. I knew.
The collection was splashed all over Teen Vogue when I bought the issue around the same time the collection debuted. Then BAM! STRUCTURE. Its Jack and Lazaro who taught the little girl in me about structure in clothing.
And Vogue hit India..and India was talking about structure and I went TIIIING! I did. There was something transcendental about that moment. It definitely was a moment for me because Post-Proenza Schouler, I went structure crazy... Balenciaga then happened so it was only inevitable that Balmain would drop the bomb on them shoulders.. Hmmm. Thats bamboozling I tell ya. And after being bombarded with Balmain-esque shoulders season after season, on Gaga and the masses..that was a good thing and BAM! Pheobe Philo gave me..gave us all the respite we needed. Another whole new meaning to PRECISION. Precision that bloody precise it does not get precise-errr than that. Did I just say that? Oh well..there's always a play up with words here. I'm digressing to a point where I seem to be canonizing fashion history.

And so lets come back to Jack and Lazaro. 123456789+ posts back, I had this wool-y gray waistcoat on with a mustard colored dress that reminded me of PS Spring 08' and with fashion warlords embarking on fall's first wispy trails..thought I'd join in early this side of the world. Trolled around a bit with colors and forked these out for starters and after the final assemblage, it was Proenza all over again. Its the damned waistcoat I know. Below are images from the show thats gotten me talking all Proenz-y at the moment. AND I'm gonna say AMOEBA any moment now.

So see what I meant with the waistcoat???? Epic proportions structured around cinching that tiny belt and you're done for a little flare. A little gimmick for a night out or your trip to the drugstore which will only take you down a flight of stairs but a gimmick is a gimmick right? And that would be me taking the stairs IF I had to go to the drugstore. And my little gimmick for that?? I put on my Crocs. YES I wear my ugly-cute white Crocs. After ridiculing them..more like wondering what they were, I've reluctantly made acquaintances for more than a month now and its great for shuffling between North to South campus here. They get me to class. And I adore the contrast they give to the clothes I wear. All my blaspheming earlier and the present situation now which is I'm already thinking of getting another pair?? HAHA. I feel evil...*chuckle chuckle*

I seem to be on a talking spree about The Crocs.
And I was on a class spree today..armed in.. well... The Crocs. My trusty black Arizona emblazoned cap. Another trusty ol' black duffel bag. Ripped jeans..not screaming 80s though. And a very long tee. I had no time to take a picture so just imagine me in all that when you look at the pictures below. Its a definite contrast. Caps. Basics. Just saying.

Going Proenz-y.

No Jabbawockee here. The mask was an intrusion. 
SO what are you kids looking forward to as we fall into fall? I just stole that line.
Its Fashion Week. I wonder what's going on.
Its school week for me.. Term papers. Stack loada' material to read up  on.
Here's to a long happy gruelling week....


Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Simple & Elegant. Love the complete syling & blue combo!!!

While roaming in Manori Beach

Jadis said...

oh, that belt and ah those shoes!

RepublicOfChic said...

Very PS indeed :)

I love your constant high bun! It's a look I fail at each time.. :)

amy said...

just want to comment on the crocs thing......gasp...you have turned over to the dark side it seems...those ug-lay shoes are the work of a fashion hater...for reals

Mary said...
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