Saturday, September 18, 2010

And so I was talking about PRECISION in my last post.
This next post would be a relevant follow up to that.
Precision and accuracy. 
Got these in the mail from Dad.

Pencil Sculpture by Dalton Ghetti.



First up, I thought they were cartoons. And then after reading the whole mail, I went ballistic and stared at them for almost an hour. You'll probbly be doing the same. The artist works with a razor blade, a sewing needle and a sculpting knife to carve out these miniature masterpieces on actual graphite ON ACTUAL PENCILS.. some of which took him years to complete. Some Artsy Shiz eh?

Another quote from a presentation I'm working on in school that I'd like to share, which kept me from attending the Forever21 launch here today. Yes after Zara, its Forever21 :)
" None of us follows a single vision; instead our very visions are products of growth and adaptation, not fixed but emergent. " - Mary Catherine Bateson

Aaand instead of parading around a dozen pictures of Rebecca Taylor's Spring 2011 here in this blog, which I obviously love but will not because I have a weird feeling they will lose their shizzle?? I will post this and this only. 
A very Happy Weekend to everyone!


Magali said...

What the fuck man? I don't mean to abuse, but that is SERIOUS arty shiz!
Anyway, I was supposed to comment on your last post but I'll combine comments here.
How do you know so much about fashion... like structure & all. It's amazing. Are you studying fashion or anything closely related?
Also, why don't your posts ever have titles? :(
Anyway, that's your biz & I shouldn't be butting there.
Still I love this blog. And your bun.

vogueish said... in total awe of that man..who created'm delighted to hear about forever del...fer sure?.i cant wait to be there...after months of torture...
p.s-great post....